Jan 5, 2008

Yamaha YZ-R150 : Check out this blog!

I was just pointed to this (seems like that blog has been taken off air. The Google Cached version is here) blog. And it sounds right. I've met a few, um, I guess you could call them people who know about the bike, but are bound by contract (or otherwise... if you say one clear, un-obfuscated word, we shall tie you to an R1 saree guard and drag you around the Nurburgring until your a** shines like fresh armco) to say nothing more than adjectives. These persons uniformly said that the market leader's bikes were, in fact, slow. And that their new bike would change the way we looked at performance motorcycles. They alluded to that fact that what we are buying are mere motorcycles, and we're only adding the word performance as a prefix because we've nowhere else to put it.

In that light, the suggestions that the blog makes do seem to be accurate, give or take a few percentage points. The cosmetics, on the lines of the R125 would be wonderful, although in that department, that V-Ixion is likely to be a greater influence. The monoshock, stepped seat (will not be a single seat, no way. If it was, I'd buy myself a celebratory beer) are a no-brainer. The 150cc displacement isn't. As of yesterday, the FMSCI two-wheeler racing regs allow motorcycles up to 165cc. Yamaha will surely want to show off the R150's prowess in racing. So I'm not sure that the motorcycle will actually be a 150. If I were Yamaha, I'd give myself an R1. No, no, that's not what I was saying. I'd definitely push the limits, and make a 164cc motorcycle.

The blog also quotes some performance numbers, which again, seem to be on target. A 22 bhp, 120 kg motorcycle should manage in the region of 150 kph, with the right gearing. Again, if I were Yamaha, I'd gear it for about 140 kph too. In which case, economy would roughly be 35 kpl (hard) and yes, about 40 kpl (civil). For all this to happen, and to meet the emissions norms, fuel injection is definitely on. Four valves are actually 70s tech that are yet to make in impact in India. Fingers crossed. Maybe our engine heads will finally cross over into the 70s. But seriously, that kind of top end power will requires lots of fuel and air flow, so four valves, still SOHC though, I'd fall out of my chair if the engine head turned out to be DOHC.

In any case, I hope what the blog is saying is true. Including the price. Rs 80,000 for something like that, might cause a real (as opposed to virtual) dent in my household budget, even.

Oh, speculating is lovely, innit

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Hrishikesh said...

Hope this is true. it will add a new dimension to the market. We only stand to gain by these developments :) :)

Revhard said...

22bhp sounds good, but 150km/h from that ? Optimistic I'd say. More like 135ish.

Still it's kind of surprising that Yammie will extract that much power out of a 150cc-something, the compression ratio is bound to be high , which considering our fuel quality doesn't sound very practical.

Speaking of practical, will the 150 be practical - good lights, sensible components ?

Harshad said...

About time... :-)

Hoping for some intense serious action!

The BATFAN said...

If true, and as mentioned if after reviews it comes out to be a good over all package with sound maintainence expenses and descent support options (@revhard,the fuel point was good to catch), this would be a definite buy for me if the price is anywhere sub 1.5 lakhs on road. Will kepp this as a stable horse for passion riding when I get bored of the daily rides on the Gladiator.

I think this would be a sound option for all those who can never think of affording high premium bikes like R1 changing tyres for which itself would be equivalent of buying a low end commuter. I am sure Yamaha can make a big dent on Pulsar and Karizma sales if they get this out in a neat pack as this is the best of both worlds. People are buying Pulsars and Karizma(yeah i still do see some new ones on the road :) cos they dont have any thing better to buy. Not undermining the great work that Bajaj has done with the Pulsar, To me, this new bike would be like Lord Buddha's middle path of just enough.

Deepak said...

Let it be more expensive, let it do a true speed of 125kmph only, let it be ugly or whatever...

I want a Yamaha..

Hope they dont disappoint us..


Renu Kumar

vibhu said...

blog linked in the post does not exist.

Revhard said...

Found a post on a forum saying that Hayabusa runs quite well on 87octane petrol. I found that strange, but their 87 octane and our Indian 87 octane ( avg of RON + MON , + impurities , and now ethanol - yikes ) , could well be very different.

Whatever, Yamaha , please bring this out and give the rest a wake up call as to what performance should be . Even if I don't buy the new Yamaha, I sure will be grateful for upping the bar when rival bike makers pull up their socks.

Anonymous said...


This site even has the scoop pics. Have a look.



Anonymous said...


b/w, that blog is off air. I believe Yamaha officials posted some threatning comments on the blog (which the blog owner approved..) and now it seems the owner took off the blog. SIgh!

However, today i saw this - http://yamahar15.blogspot.com

2 days to go then!!

The BATFAN said...

Seeing the Auto Expo page at http://yamaha-motor-india.com it doesn't take a genius to figure what Yamaha is doing. They are going to use their proven international experience to turn the heat on and spec their international best sellers with street engines and put on a descent making them affordable on a descent price. The only question that remains is why did it take them so long to figure out this simple a solution. Well but it's never too late? We are waiting Yamaha, but now dont cheat like last time with the showcased and the production Gladiator.

Anonymous said...

My first impression for R15 was WOW!. However, now the more I look at it, the more I get disappointed. My disappointment lies in two areas:
1) Rear tyre - Could have been bigger and wider. This can be done after market.
2) Rear sear and fairing under the seat.

Question for the experts: Any idea why Yamaha didn't chose to launch R15 with a full size delta frame, something on the lines of R125?