Jan 27, 2007

Brio: restaurant review

Hidden behind the Juhu Shoppers' Stop (Chandan Cinema) is a little nook of a Bistro Cafe called Brio. Owned jointly by Shoppers' Stop and Blue Foods, it's almost impossible to spot it from the front of the mall, especially if you didn't know it existed. Even if you were inside the Shoppers' it's hard to spot. The entrance is a hole in the wall with a glass door and guard. Hidden behind the Ladies Western Wear section.

Which is sad, because it is a great place to eat. The Wife and I went there for dinner last night and had the best Bruschetta I've had the pleasure of inhaling so far. It was so good, we had two of those. We also had a non-Hershey's choc syrup Chocolate Shake, a nifty Cold Iced Coffee, a brilliant, fresh Spicy Chicken Paprika & Cheese Crepe, a great Focaccia Sandwich and a so-so Tiramisu. For 600 bucks. Good job, yeah?

It's a nice place. It was crowded yesterday (table wait was forty minutes!) and that gave us time to head into the Crossword and pick up some stuff. We ended up buying Rang De Basanti DVD, Jamiroquai's High Times (greatest hits) and Andrea Bocelli's superb Amore. All in all a great evening. Try it, you won't regret it.


Bedi said...


Interesting blog & concept.

I manage a hospitality blog.
I Wanted to know how many people get back to you or read your review of restaurant or maybe even follow up there.....

It'll be interesting to know for all the hospitality establishment managers.


Prabhjot Bedi

rearset said...

Frankly, Mr Bedi, I don't know. I rather fancy myself as a foodie. An amateur, but one who knows his food most of the time. And so, I write my reviews.

This is the first time, I think, someone has actually left a comment on food part of the 'Arts' section of the blog. So I'd say no one really follows up. Or if they do, they're not telling.

On the other hand, if you thought my review was good and wanted to crosspost it onto your blog (with credit and a link), I'd be very happy.