Jan 20, 2007

Indicative reasoning

Ever had a crash because you forgot you had the indicator on and the chap behind you assumed you were actually going to take a turn? Riding the Honda Shine today, I came upon a simple solution. When you're about to take a left turn, you thumb the indicator switch to the left, right? And to take a right turn... you do the opposite. Correct? Try this. When you come up on a major intersection and intend to go straight, get in the habit of pushing the indicator switch. In effect, you 'indicate' that you intend to go straight. While does no turn on any 'I'm going straight lights' it does switch off any errant turn indications. Great idea, eh? Motorcyclist magazine once recommended that you actually push indicator button (to cancel) every five seconds as a reflex.

Note: This does not work on Harleys, BMWs (indicator switches next to left and right grips) and will not work on the P220 either (no push-cancel switch at all). It will also not work on any old switchgear that does have a push to cancel switch set. P220? Its got self-cancelling indicators, so you shouldn't have to worry about it.

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Glifford said...

Well I've kept doin that "reflex" thingie for years now. Just every once in a while to ensure that those blinkers don't blink.

That's why I was so uncomfortable on the new Phantom when I took it for a ride. U just can't P2C (push to cancel)!

You have to push it in either direction (same or opposite) and it goes off. But if it was off in the same place, it goes on! Sigh! You need to take ur eyes off the road to check for the indicator.

Yes you get those bleeeepers! But I find them so annoying on my wife's new Wave, gotta take it off! She didn't ask for it anyway!

I wish BAL added P2C to those self cancelling units.