Jan 4, 2007

Wide Open Source!

He said a top official from Microsoft India had met him twice to convince him to continue with MS products. The official offered the XP operating system for about Rs.7000 while he quoted Rs.500. “I explained to her that for a mere Rs.300, I could get the entire operating system, office productivity software and a wide range of utility tools, such as DVD/CD writing software, database software, multimedia editing software, vector map-drawing software plus a whole range of software development tools. Also, I have the option of downloading this entire package in DVD media and not even pay that Rs.300, which is the media cost and not the software charges,” said the ELCOT chief, an IT expert himself besides being a senior IAS bureaucrat.
That is a quote from this post which quotes a Deccan Herald article. And as you will see when you read it. That is amazing! I cannot remember reading something on these lines from anywhere on Earth so far. More power to... us! Open Source ki jai... and all that sort of thing!

Er... Linux Penguin used for representational purposes only. Objectors leave a comment. Will replace with something handy if needed.


The BATFAN said...

Hey so you an open source fan, Nice to know that. Wide interests though. Anyway I am more an open source guy than a motorcyclist. Should get my blog running soon.

BTW, Are you an Aquarian too ;)

rearset said...

Aquarian? Noooo...

Anonymous said...

u mean linux logo

vibhu said...

Another Open Source afficado. Good to know.

err... that is not a mozilla logo. Thats tux.

btw, any info/help you need on linux, holler for me.

The BATFAN said...

Hey what's bad about being an Aquarian?

Anyway you are not using the Mozilla Logo. The penguin aka The Tux as we call it is the logo for Linux. And I don't think anybody would have an issue with you using it as long as you are using it with the right intent.

rearset said...

Sorry about the logo mixup. Was originally planning to use a Mozilla Firefox logo, but then found Tux. And then forgot to change the text.

Er... why Tux?

The BATFAN said...

The answer as always is given by Google my friend.

Google "The Linux Tux" in quotes.

Second article says it all :

Quoting http://www.wired.com/news/culture/0,1284,42209,00.html

Tux's name, according to Linux community lore, is not based on the idea that penguins, with their black and white coloring, appear to be wearing a tuxedo.

When Torvalds was otherwise occupied, developers launched a "let's name that penguin while Linus is not around" contest. Sentiment was running high for "Homer" since several developers thought the chubby Linux logo had a disconcerting similarity to the Simpson's cartoon character, when one James Hughes offered up the suggestion "(T)orvolds (U)ni(X) -- TUX!".

Thanks for having given me the opportunity to dig out an interesting fact.