Jan 25, 2007

TVS Apache: 70 kpl?

TVS ApacheWhoa baby! I've just been told that a TVS dealer in Mira Road, Mumbai told one of my office colleagues some incredible news. He claimed that the Apache returned 70 kpl in real world riding.

No it isn't a new variant (or a real world where all roads run downhill). It's just one of those dealers-will-say-anything type of situations. Do you have a story like this to tell as well? Mail me.


Anonymous said...

Whoa!!! 70kmpl ?!!?..seems to far fetched. But I did get 62kmpl, Delhi- Manali, 3rd september,2005 on my Honda Unicorn. I have clocked 60kmpl a few times on and off inside Delhi on the same bike.

Note: In each of the above occassions I never crossed 80kmph in any gear ..he he!

M Paniwala

M S said...

I am a fan of your blog and great job you are doing here..
I own an Apache and i get 70Kpl..I ve driven around 3200 Kms and barring once or twice average milege is 68 - 71 Kpl..None of my friends are ready to believe it though...


M S said...

Incredible it sounds? Well.. i own an apache and i ve done some 3200 kms till now...I ve consistently clocked 68-72 kmpl except one or two occassions...None of my friends are ready to beleive it though..They almost convinced me that there is some malfuntion in my trip meter..he he he...
BTW Great bloggin and am regular here..Keep up the good work..
Sathish M S

Anonymous said...

hi friend,
Blog reads very well. Will visit more often. Anyway 70 km pl is impossible on Apache but 62-64 is possible even on mountain roads of Bhutan and bad roads of Bihar. We have got it. Check out our site to know more about our journey so far http://www.borderlessbikers.com

Tom'my' said...

even my bike (Apache) returned 70-72 at least 4 times... wen i rode it in between 2-3K rpm all the way... so even i can believe that.