Jan 25, 2007

Incredible India: The Photo

This is a photo of an alleged vintage photo of erm, forgein tourists at some event in Rajasthan. I say alleged because the chap in the middle seems to be holding a fairly recent digital camera.


Anonymous said...

Talk about bikes rearset, TALK ABOUT BIKES! That's what you do best, and your bikes stuff is what I love reading ;-)

theslayer said...

anonymous.....Is that The Wife, rearset?? I mean ..why does she(supposing its the wife) always have to say something when you don't talk about bikes (supposing the wife is pretty much the type who thinks she owns her husband)?? Why does she always comment under the mask of anonymity( aha.. that can't be.. if she's bossing over her hubby..she's gotta tell the world right?) ???

How is that you can write on topics so varied that if I were to list them(in pretty large fonts of course) they'd take up the length of the Bonneville salt flats (like I know how big the flats are..duh!)??? Whoa wait.. if you can be like that... then I guess you need to be a happy, emotionally content person...to be able to absorb so much.. then.. anonymous can't be the wife..atleast not the kind I have been babbling about.. Hmm..so who is anonymous??

rearset said...

You are right, that is not The Wife. No, The Wife posts anon because she does not (despite my telling her otherwise) have a blogger-type semi-anon id. And she's forbidden me from getting her a id on the lines of 'The Wife.'

She's only ever posted once, and I posted a counter comment identifying her... She'd just rather tell me what she thought (or didn't) of my posts. Besides I exaggerate her comments, she's just great!

So, who'd that? I don't know. And like I told someone else who wanted me to stick to bikes (yes, this is the second time), it's a free blog. It's my space to say whatever I feel like. Mostly I feel like talking bikes, sometimes I don't. So be it, I say. If anyone doesn't like it, they should simple bypass the home page by bookmarking the label links to Riding Skills or Motorcycles...

Thanks for you comment. I deeply appreciate what you said.