Jan 8, 2007

SRK as Don


That's the shortest movie review I'll ever write. That review is reserved for some very special films. Movies that're not worth the jhankar beats that they're stars gyrate on. Other stellar attempts at this include Yeh Dillagi (Writhik Roshan, Kareena etc) and thankfully, I've forgotten the rest.

Don, the new one, was just the most concentrated dose of style without substance movie I have ever had the displeasure of receiving. So bad was the film, that I was looking at my watch from about the third minute of the film. And now, I think I've already wasted enough time on this. Oh, and Priyanka Chopra looks gorgeous.


Anonymous said...

Get your film history right, dude! before you become a critic, that is... there ain't any hrithik/kareena film called Yeh Dillagi

rearset said...

Of course you are right. Ladies and gentlemen... first comment from The Wife. The film was Yaadein, right?

rearset said...

As requested: I stand corrected. I apologise profusely. I will never write about film, until I have checked with The Wife