Jan 20, 2007

TVS wins a fight against Bajaj!

Sorry for the sensationalist headline, but here's a story that says racing through traffic is futile:

Sonali Gajne and her friend Madhuri Davende, both 21, were riding a TVS Scooty on a clear Kalyan road when Sonali received a mobile call. She let Madhuri attend the call since she was driving. As Madhuri took the call, two thieves on a Bajaj Pulsar - rider Naseem Khan, 21, and Vikas Pande, 17, came close to them and the pillion rider, Vikas, snatched their mobile phone and sped away.
Click here to read what happened next... More power to you girls!

Orange Trap? Oh, that's just what TVS calls the colour option. As it turns out, that's exactly how it turned out for the numpties on the Pulsar, eh? Pic taken from tvsmotor.in and link found at BajajPulsar on Yahoo

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