May 31, 2007

10 things that will instantly improve your riding

  1. Bend those elbows
    If they weren't meant to be bent, they wouldn't be there! The more horizontal your forearms are (parallel to the ground), the more responsive the motorcycle will fee

  2. Look further ahead
    In every situation, the further you look, the more you will see, the more you can anticipate, the smoother/faster/both you will become

  3. Grip the handlbar firmly but not like you were trying to choke it
    A firm, supple grip will let you receive feedback and help you relax mentally while riding. White knuckle grip will only elevate your stress levels

  4. Two fingers on the clutch and two on the brake
    The former allows far superior clutch modulation than a paw and the latter will save vital seconds in an emergency stop. And you still have two fingers and a thumb left to hold the grips firmly

  5. Sit about an inch from the tank
    If you're sitting halfway into the pillion seat, it totally destroys the bike's feel. You've effectively been riding the bike as if you always have a pillion on board

  6. Slow your hands down
    Operating the controls faster and faster does not make you a faster rider. Slow down the speed at which you twist, squeeze, push and pull and focus instead of finesse. You'll be smoother and faster

  7. Grip that tank like Xenia Sergeyevna Onatopp would
    As in tightly. The tighter you can, the more connected to the motorcycle you will feel

  8. Wiggle your elbows
    Now and then, wiggle your elbows. If you can, it's a sign that you haven't tensed up in the saddle. And when you do, in time, it will be a reminder to relax and have fun

  9. Learn to use your bodyweight to help the motorcycle out
    If you only use the handlebars to steer, you're missing out. Learn to put your shoulder, torso and legs into the mix, not only will it improve your riding, you will look better on the bike too, which always helps.

  10. Concentrate
    Sounds like the most basic of things, but is often the hardest to do. Focus on what you are doing and not what you forgot to do back in the office/home/wherever-you-went


Madhukar said...

Thanks a lot for the tips. They'll be very helpful, i know.


Arpan said...

nice tips thanks!!
How abt approaching the right people to give us a street riding session. think about it..we would love it.

rearset said...

Who are the right people?

Arpan said...

that is for you to find out! maybe some guys who can ride well..they would be ready to teach us....

rearset said...

Ah... like that... Lemme see what strings I can pull...