May 11, 2007

Motorcycle Sales Data: India, April 2007

I have always been scared of graphs and charts. Some of the scariest (and most boring) classes I ever attended during my 16 year (formal) education were classes that either dealt with making graphs or reading them. So that one right there is an incredible step fo me.

As you would have read April sales are down a bit. My google spreadsheet is littered with numbers like -35.82019%

But I found some incredible numbers in the data which I thought I would highlight.

  1. In April 2007, Honda actually sold roughly the same number of 125cc and 150cc than Hero Honda (and HH's tally includes the Karizma!). But last year, Hero Honda had only half the sales of Honda.

  2. Kinetic now has no products about 125cc in the motorcycle segment

  3. TVS has still not started RTR 160 sales. Meanwhile TVS 125s and 150s sold half the number than April last year. In fact, Suzuki managed to flog almost as many Zeus'and Heats as TVS did Victors and Apaches.

  4. Yamaha sold 71 125-250cc bikes in April last year. That's incredible.

  5. Royal Enfield sales increased by 300 unit April to April.

  6. Hero Honda is the only company reporting positive growth in both the below and above 125cc segments.
Data from the Society of Indian Automotive Manufacturers


Anonymous said...

No worries. With the new Alba, Yamaha should be selling at least 200,000 bikes in India in the next 6 - 12 months. You mark my words, Yamaha will be back. With their new Alba waiting in the wings, it can't be any other way. Bajaj, Honda, and Hero Honda? Pah!

Satyen Poojary said...

Hey! I used your stats in my Marketing exams, but gave credit to your site as the source of info!

71 Yam... i wonder who the lucky 71 were! ha ha ha ;)

rearset said...

Good on ya mate! Hope you score top marks... heh heh

Anonymous said...

This is great info. Glad that I found your blog. Could you please revert if you have the same data for Jan-december 2007. Would be very usefulto me for a project I am working on. Thanks