May 28, 2007

Hero Honda Splendor NXG: What you've been dying to know

Hero Honda Splendor NXG
Hero Honda Splendor NXG
Hero Honda Splendor NXG
Hero Honda Splendor NXG
Hero Honda Splendor NXG
Hero Honda Splendor NXG
Hero Honda Splendor NXG
Hero Honda Splendor NXG
Yes, like many of you predicted, it is indeed a new Splendor. Not the Super Duper Splendor, not the Super Splendor+, or the Super Splendor Deluxe ++, but the Splendor NXG. Like I had thought, it is essentially the Splendor with the new motor from the CD-Deluxe, but there's more. The panels, tank etc are all new, the motor sounds quite authoritative, and hell I'll ride it and tell you if 7.7 bhp is the new creme de la creme. But for the moment, here are some moments from the launch (please note that vids and images are unedited and untouched, so more horrible than usual even, excuse kindly).

Officially Hero Honda says

Hero Honda unveils the next generation 'Splendor NXG'

Spendor NXG with engine & irrestible features,
takes Splendor lineage to the next level

Highlights of engine performance characterisitcs of Splendor NXG

  • New engine which delivers power of 7.7 PS

  • Better power & torque at lower engine RPM for comfortable city riding

  • Optimum gear ratios for better pickup

Product features of Splendor NXG

  • Powerful & stylish trapezoidal mutlireflector headlight that provides better visibility even at lower speeds

  • Large & stylish tail light

  • 160mm ground clearance for smooth ride on all types of roads
  • Unique & stylish visor

  • New design fuel tank with knee grip

  • Sleek instrument panel with trip meter

  • Attractive aluminium die cast rear grip

Splendor NXG will be available for test driver and bookings immediately. The Delhi ex-showroom price is Rs 40,990 for the spoke version and Rs 41,990 for the
alloy wheel version.


first_synn said...

Well, look on the bright side.

At least Gran' pa Munjal didn't wear a fake leather jacket to the unveiling ceremony....

Sameer said...

Splendor NXG? Should have been It's-plain-dour NXG. Where's the fuel-injected Karizma 250, with monoshock rear suspension and digital / LED everything?

Anonymous said...


Hope is dead! So much for all my dreams of a new FI karizma...goodbye, HH!

Satyen Poojary said...

Ooomph you said dying to know ...

Ah wheres my shotgun!

Anonymous said...

What a bloody damn style ......

rearset said...

@sameer & anon

Why're you objecting 8-D

Anonymous said...

well it's official now....all HH bikes suck......big time!!

Navendu said...

What a bike. One more brilliant product by the exceptional R&D dept of HH.

Bajaj, TVS, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Ducati, etc, go and learn something from HH's R&D dept about how to make worldclass and unbeatable (in terms of sales no) products.

Nikhil said...

My friend Navendu, HH is the only bike maker who don't have their own R & D, while all the others have...