May 16, 2007

Manik's Saddle Bags: Reviewed

I'm a total gear head. And also quite poor, which makes my wishlist for riding gear and kit an always growing proposition, like Pinocchio's nose or India's population. To return to the topic at hand, has reviewed a set of saddle bags made in Delhi by Manik Mittal. I'm not familiar with the name of the product, but here's the link to the review, which happens to be quite positive, and hence, worth a look. Besides, they're only a grand.


Glifford said...

Guess they are what they call the "Scamsters" :D

Based on the cramsters!

Archeriostichaos said...

I have seen those saddle bags in use, in Ladakh, Spiti and other trips! They are good bang for really less buck!

Hitanshu said...

Name apart, I'd dare say they are jolly good. Huuuge volume and they take the load well. Finish isn't as slick as cramster, but carry all the load in the world you'd want.

Almost 15k km old - and are good for quite some more. Will be taking them to ladakh this weekend :D