May 14, 2007

Bikers are better: Proof via insurance

I just read here that British insurance company Carole Nash had made a phenomenal offer to motorcycle riders who also own cars. It seems that the motorcyclists can transfer no claims bonus (up to five years max) to their car's insurance, cutting rates right down. The example quoted a 700 pound quote cut down to about 300. Amazing.

This has two points I'd like to make

  • First, this is almost proof that motorcyclists are usually better drivers as well. Our hieghtness sense of awareness and circumstance obviously helps us. And I think our better, more rapid decision making skills and reflexes don't do us any harm either.

  • Second, insurance rates this high will come to India soon as well. Insurance detariffing will eventually push rates up steeply. Say bye bye to your Rs 101 third party insurance... soon. I believe that insurance companies are already generating statistical behaviour databases which will probably determine how your next premium (say in five years time) will be determined. 22-year old? No garage? Red bike? You're screwed...

1 comment:

Glifford said...

Not always!

Many bike riders in India often start driving cars the way they would ride a bike... when they upgrade.

That is not a nice thing! One more reason of the traffic woes we face here!