May 10, 2007

More power for same or less money and displacement: Milestone?

With the Apache RTR 160 and the Discover 135, we've reached a fairly interesting point in the Indian two-wheeler history book (which is being written and unfortunately, is far, far from complete... where is that goddamn R1...). The RTR offers roughly the same performance (at least on paper) that the first generation Pulsar 180 used to offer, at the same price (to be announced, but almost a no-brainer really) as the 150. At the same time, the Discover 135 is now offering the same performance as a first/second generation Pulsar 150 for almost Rs 10,000 less than the original price. Isn't that great? What makes this even more interesting is that neither manufacturer says that there is a significant economy trade-off involved in the higher performance figures. And also note that there is still a lot more power to come from the same engine sizes. After all, our bikes are running relatively easy compression ratios (between 9 and 9.6 to 1). Once fuel quality becomes better or more consistent, more compression will allow manufacturers to raise power outputs further...

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