May 18, 2007

TVS Neo X 115: Indonesian firebreather?

TVS Neo X 115 Bebek Indonesia
TVS Neo X 115 Bebek Indonesia
TVS Neo X 115 Bebek Indonesia
TVS Neo X 115 Bebek Indonesia
TVS Neo X 115 Bebek Indonesia
Engine: 109.7cc single cylinder four-stroke (horizontally mounted)
Max power: 8.5 bhp@8000
Max torque: 8.5 nm@4500
Ignition: Digital CDI
Fuel supply system: Carburettor
Transmission: Double automatic clutch, wet type
Gearbox: 4 speed constant mesh
Brakes: 220mm two-callier disc/110mm hydraulic drum (f), 110mm drum
Tyres: 2.50x17 (much, much stickier than our Indian goop, made by IRC, a local firm)
Length: 1940mm
Wheelbase: 1260mm
Ground clearance: 150mm
Weight: ~100 kg (± 1 kg between variants)

Aha, now don't go all like a deflating balloon, for in this case, appearances are deceptive. This 'Bebek' (the standard Indonesian way to call a step-through, directly translated means Donald) is the new TVS Neo X 115, which will never get launched in India. Currently, the engines are made in India and sent to Indo, but that too will change, and the whole thing will be made there. The quality of usual TVS – excellent and despite the looks, the Neo X is actually quite a nice ride. Big shout out to the sticky tyres for making the handling such fun. Looking at the rather silly 2.50x17 tyres is not for the faint hearted. Especially for us, who're bang in the land of 'Isme 400 ka tyre daal sakta hai kya?' But unlike the majority Indian customer who demands a remarkable 35,000 km from this tyres (and actually uses them for 60k km), the Indos apparently are quite happy to chuck the tyres at 5,000 km and replace them with new goopys. Which means the manufacturers can put greater quality compounds out there. So, scraping hard parts on 2.50x17s? Oh yes sir.

The competition is from Yamaha, Suzuki et al who manufacture similar, in some case, jazzier bebeks. The market is loaded with aftermarket bits for bebeks, including rim-mounted discs, bolt-on filters, exhausts, cams, CDIs etc. Swingarms. Basically, if you could to your bike what the average Indo can do to his Bebek, you'll never need to bethe front wheel down only.


Anonymous said...

EEKS! Is that ugly or what?

first_synn said...

Isn't it awesome that an Indian company is spending so much money, time and effort to develop an all new platform for an overseas market, while tweak-a-mania runs wild back home?

'm getting sick and tired of Indian 2 wheeler companies and their never ending game of one up-ing. Is there anyone out there who has the balls to take a revolutionary step? And no, 10 cc upgrades don't count.

road-yo said...

Man, TVS is really stepping up its efforts, at least as far as design & looks go. I especially like those LED blinkers in front (those are LEDs, right?).

rohan rao said...

hey rearset is this the tvs indonesian venture due to which the apache rtr 160 was this bike launched in indonesia.
and in which colours is the new rtr 160 is available will u plz tell which time will the rtr will launch for example first week of june or mid of june plz mention in ur reply.

rohan rao said...

hey rearset i dont understand from where u get these pics and photos.u r really a good u have any other owened website.i am abig fan of urs.daily i visit blog 2 or 3 times to see something interesting.
keep it up dude ,have a nice day.

Glifford said...

I think it is really a handsome machine! May look funny for die hard bike fans, but this is sure as good as a step-thru can get.

I am still wondering what is the auto-manual transmission thingie?

Manual for they guys and auto for the gals? Any idea?

Is it like the Hero Honda Step thru' that was launched a decade ago?

It it like steptronic transmission we get in auto cars?

rearset said...

The auto-manual transmission refers to a rotary gearbox (like the Hero Honda Street). It can be had with or without an actual clutch lever. Apparently a lot of the older riders don't want the clutch lever, while many of the younger, more performance (and wheelie) oriented riders prefer having a lever. The TVS offers both options in one shot...

Anonymous said...

I agree with the post on "10cc upgrades...". The whole culture of our Two Wheeler companies is pathetic - they play safe all the time with models that are so similar in every possible way, except the tiny incremental changes they do here and there. Its all in the name of price. The truth is , its not really price at all - its their greed. They want to make stuff that can easily be made from existing supply chains and production lines - none of them want to take risks. Its a sick, boring and insectile mentality which will keep us celebrating , as he so rightly put it "10cc upgrades" for the rest of our pathetic motorcycling jail lives in this country. One word for Indian motorcycles - BORING one word for Indian motorcycle manufacturers - GREEDY Bas***d$

Bobby said...

I agree with many of the positive points like attractive look,acceleration and features like i-ride,i-econo,i-start and i-space.
Most of the features no bikes in Indonesia have and very useful for the customers.
some immature d,uncivilized creatures comments about TVS without knowing the details.
One of the great bikes developed for Indonesian customers by Indian manufacturer Giant like TVS.

Mike said...

I prefer a scooter over a bike for its carrying capacity. To me scooters are the poor man car. You can carry your suitcases, marketing, gas cylinder, anything. To add to it you can also have the stepney. The trade off is a bit on the stability and riding comfort which I think doesn't matter when it comes to our reasonably smooth city roads. I think thats why the Kinetic Honda DX really took off.
But I don't know what to make of the Neo. Its neither a bike nor a scooter. Where does one store the raincoat and helmet? Mike

Anonymous said...

@ Mike- Been to the FIM Asian GP round I see :)