May 23, 2007

Product review: EZI Extra Powelube

EZI Extra PowerLubeI tried this very reluctantly on the CBZ X-Treme recently and it worked wonders. The little bottle says the benefits are (verbatim, including punctuation or lack thereof)

  • Reduces friction and heat
  • Reduces wear prolong engine life
  • Smooth running and top-up horse power
directions are
  • Just pour EZI directly into engine
  • It is not necessary to change the oil before using
  • Can be use with synthetic & mineral engine oil for 4 stroke engine only

And since I am busy giving details, the bottle further says that it contains no PTFE, is manufactured by Pheeramas, Thailand (pheeramas[at] and is marketed by The MotoShop (Mumbai-8, 23019292/93). I purchased it from my favourite workshop in Mumbai, Zubinn Designs, Plot 8, Gopi Tank Crossroad #5, Shivaji Park, in Mahim (9820325593). Rs 110.

Almost from the word go, the motor felt smoother, easier to rev and in general, more ready than before for anything. Bar vibes are down a bit and in general I'm very happy to have done the deed. The mechanics also say that it actually does work, coating all the parts as it heats up and is not washed away with an oil change, so it is a one-time thing. Further, the friction reduction is so good that many bikes actually take time to lose revs when you close throttle. I haven't observed that last one, but everything else promised came true.


Glifford said...

What about the product's impact on the wet clutch plates.

Reduced friction is the last thing we want on them right? :) Having them slip on each other is not a very nice thing.

Did you notice any of these?

Anonymous said...

This EZI EP can't be a very good idea. The first thing it may do is play havoc with the chemical composition of whatever engine oil you're using, and the second thing is, it may cause clutch slippage. You don't want either to happen.

High-quality, multigrade, synthetic engine oil good. Additives made in Thailand, bad. Period.

rearset said...

So far so great. I have no clutch slippage to report, the odd wheelies remain as high, launches are still as urgent as before... Definitely no clutch slip so far...

Anonymous said...

hey isn't the clutch placed outside the crankcase on the flywheel?? if yes then what is this bullshit about clutch slippage???

Arpan said...

anon: yes the clutch is outside the crankcase,however the CBZ,ZMA,Pulsar et all have a wet clutch system i.e same engine oil acts as clutch oil.
the Sole exception is the bullet.

Rearset: nice review,went today and picked up a bottle..will post up a report soon.

Madhukar said...

I wanna try it.
Rearset bro, Where can I get it in Delhi or purchase online ?


rearset said...

I don't know where in Delhi you can get some... er... I called the MotoShop number and they have no Delhi dealers. So you will have to get in touch with them direct. Why not wait for Arpan's report and then see?

Arpan said...

It works :) engine feels smooth..this is similar to Motereco which Planet bajaj guys used to put in 2002...Go ahead guys its worth the price (if the effect lasts for even 7-8000km its really worth it!)
A word of caution though..DONT expect an old shagged engine to get a new lease of life or real in expectations :)