May 22, 2007

Mailbag #4: Trellis another story

Caughtilya-Rearset Stamp 1Yo rearset...

Your take on the Uni V/s X-Treme comparo got me thinking, so WHY wouldn't I buy an X over the Uni? Trust me, i thrive on performance, but this is one rare case where the lower powered bike wins my vote.

So, here's why the Uni gets my vote: The more i look at the X, the more i hate it's "Oh no, somebody dropped a cement beam on me" looks. Nothing that Uncle Photoshop can't fix. 10 mins of tinkering, and i arrive at this. Nice, no? Yeah, me digs trellis frames.!

Add a set of proper rearsets for the rider (after junking that fugly footpeg sub frame. The CBZ classic's sub frame looked a lot more, er.. classier) and a set of high mounted pegs, a la SBKs for the pillion (pillion ergonomics aren't exactly topping my list of priorities), and may be a higher angled exhaust, and of course, goiter removal, and we have a winner....

Till then, it's the Uni with the aforementioned set of footpegs (or even the CBZ classic sets. They are timeless) for me. And maybe, a little work on the cyl head to make her whoop the X to Gurgaon and back. Now can i swap the fairing with that of the older Uni please?


Interesting... It's a far-fetched dream, unfortunately. Most Hondas use a twin spar or a 'diamond' frame, and ours gets the latter. What I don't get is why our manufacturers don't sell aftermarket parts. Someone who returned from Indonesia recently tells me that Yamaha, for instance, sells the Gladiator there (under another name, I think). And you can buy a pair of bolt on rearsets for the bike off the shelf at any Yamaha showroom....


--xh-- said...

When I was out in market for a 150 CC bike some time back,I didnt had to think much before choosing the unicorn, coz, the handling and smooth engine was a much welcoming change from the P150DTSi I used before. When the CBZX came into market, i took it for a spin, and though I am impressed with it, I am not willing to part My Uni. Though Uni is not a hooligan, when u call him, he can show a clean pair of heels to many gyus out there. I am having much much fun attacking corners on my uni than on any other bike I had earlier. I hv simply blowed out many Pulsie guys on teh corners (may be they dont know how to put Pulsie to good use, or may be pulsie is not a corner hapy machine - I dont mind what ever the reason may be; AFAIK Uni gives me immense confidence to attack corners than my P150 or CBZ gave me)So, I hv a bike which is laid back, easy, which can keep on muching miles all day along and can do a ton whn i feel like doing it. Or may be the decision was affected by the fact that the otehr bike I own is a Bullet 350 STD.

first_synn said...

Well, that was supposed to be just a trellis subframe.. bolt on, you see.. But i must admit.. that was a less than stellar effort in image editing from me.. Expect better executed works later:-D

And when it comes to aftermarket stuff, trust me, Indonesia is just the start. Here in Singapore, i regularly see RXZ's with 300 mm rotors, braided steel lines, rearsets, gas shox, ultra low pro tyres on trick wheels.. the works.. In fact, the rat bik owners spend more on mods than SBKers, methinks..!

Makes us indian bikers look like real chums, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Let's settle this once and for all. The CBZ-X's styling looks real bad in pics, but things improve a lot when you see it in real life. it's also got the most urgent, aggressive power delivery, and feels like a big-ish, capable bike that handles very well indeed.

The Unicorn's extremely refined and perhaps the best commuter 150. But when it comes to power delivery and handling, the 'Corn gets its arse kicked into orbit by the CBZ-X.

The 'Corn also shows how arrogant Honda is. While Bajaj, TVS and even HH are trying to give the Indian biker something new, radical and exciting, Honda think a new set of stickers is enough for the 'Corn.

The Honda Unicorn, as far as I'm concerned, is just so much cold poo. Get a move on, HMSI!