Dec 30, 2006

Indian Riding Gear

Fieldsheer Mag 1 jacketSuddenly, at the cusp of the new year, I seem to find a whole bunch of people selling riding kit in India. So I thought I'd post a link set. I will update this post with kit reviews as and when I manage to get my hands of some of their kit.

Angels Racing
The two young boys who run Angels Racing are pretty enthusiastic. Having first called up Spidi into India and then launching their own brand. Personally, I think their own logos are too large, although the kit appears up to snuff. Haven't tried it, though. Detailed information is in the talkies section. Please search with google or through the website's search.
253, Samarthaprasad, Navi Peth, Pune
Bhuvan Chowdhary : +91-9881445704
Rohit Paradkar : +91-9822217198

Dream Sport Gear
They've been around for a year or so, although on the quiet, it must be said. However, goes have a fair amount of kit, including a recently introduced line of own-branded kit (probably manufactured in Pakistan/China - that's how almost everyone does it now including big Euro and US brands). Prices seem reasonalble, although I am yet to check out how prompt they are. Since I posted this, DSG has been in touch to inform me that in fact, they are the official distributors for A'Stars in India. So noted, chaps!
6, M.G. Road, MH - Pune (411001), India (91)
+91-9860086862 Fax: +91-20-30523555

Kaulson Racing Products has long been selling motorcycle kit to us. Both for our bikes and for us. Brands include ProGrip. The ProGrip Superbike grips (Rs 250) are some of the best I have ever used.
B-101, Nariana Indl. Area, Phase-1, New Delhi - 110028, INDIA
+91-11-25893-777, 25896-777, 3058-7777 & 5576-7777;
PRS sells a whole bunch of car and motorcycle stuff, including motorcycle riding kit from big brands like Alpinestars. The prices seem a bit steep, but the store is an official dealer for Alpinestars and Laser exhausts and the prices should be legit. Click above for link.

Spidi/Angels Racing
The Angels Racing boys have a Spidi dealership and sell quality kit. However, the branded kit is almost haute couture abroad and expensive here... you've been warned.
253, Samarthaprasad, Navi Peth, Pune
Bhuvan Chowdhary : +91-9881445704
Rohit Paradkar : +91-9822217198


Nyctophobia said...

thanks for putting all those links in one easy to find place / post :-)

Vyom said...

hey thanks for all the links. i bought a pair of alpinestars sp-2 gloves from I would not have come to know of the site had i not seen your post.

rearset said...

Hey Vyom,
Could you answer the following questions about the buying experience? I will add it to the post as an update?

1. How did you like the website?

2. What did you think of the product range on offer?

3. Do you perceive planetdsg as an expensive place to buy kit?

4. Did the goods live up the promise? In terms of product description, price, shipping cost and shipping time

5. Would you buy from planetdsg again?

6. Would you recommend planetdsg to a friend?

7. If you don't mind... what was the total cost of purchasing the gloves (including any and all charges)

Thanks, really appreciate your taking the time to fill that lot out...


Vyom said...

Hi there, i just came back to your website today so the delayed answer.

1. The look of the website was ok and i found the site easy to navigate. however there is no search box on the front page and should be there rather than as a link.

2. The product range is all Alpinestars. When i had spoken on ordering the products, i had been told by their person that they carry more brands also which will be online soon.

3. I didn't find the site expensive. Though prices are higher than US rates but a lot cheaper than what people quote over here in Chennai. They should try reducing further.

4. The gloves I bought were original alpinestars SP-2 and they charged Rs 95 for shipping from pune. i think it's OK. The gloves arrived on the second day of order. Someone had called to confirm order when I had placed it and paid online.

5. I have recommended the site to many colleagues and don't mind buying for my requirements again. In fact i plan to buy knee guards next month.

6. When i bought gloves, at that time the costs were split into price + tax + shipping. Today i saw they have displayed price+tax directly which i find better. My total cost of purchase was Rs 5045 including shipping charges of Rs 95.

Hope that was helpful. Will let you know if i buy my knee pads also

Bunny Punia said...

Used the jacket from Angels Racing on the GIR for 3 months or so. Its got sufficient padding (removable) for himalayas. But down south, we used to sweat like anything (even with the zip opened up)
Overall, the jacket took it all, from falls to rain/snow.
Also used the gloves, still using them. Good stuff from them

KRP : have been using a lot of stuff from them for a long time now (me and other members). Good pricing, good range

Heard about the jackets from cramsters. Havent tried them yet, although im happy with the saddle and tank bags

Saager Mhatre said...

Some of these places can be hard to find, even for someone who's been in the city for quite some time. So, here's my contribution.

Jaspreet said...

Thanks for all the neat info at one place.
Though an affordable option to get stuff delivered online would have been great to get :)

Sagar said...

@jaspreet - i dont kno too many websites, but you can buy stuff online on chk it out..

abhijit debnath said...

hey thanks for the info!!!

Motorcycle Jackets said...

Heard about the jackets from cramsters. Havent tried them yet, although im happy with the saddle and tank bags