Sep 11, 2007

Yamaha YZF125: Wanted

WARNING: LONG, LONG POST – 15 images loading...The question is why we cannot have bikes like this launched in India? This is the Yamaha YZF125, a leaner legal sportsbike that Yamaha has only just unveiled. It gets a 15 PS, 125cc liquid-cooled motor, all the hi-fi bits from the R1 (appropriately scaled down on the material and size front), peak power at 9,000 rpm, peak torque (1.25 kgm) at 8,000 rpm, banana swingarm, R6 looks including stubby can... and it looks gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Oh, by the way, the Deltabox chassis is steel. Imagine it. A light, light, light motorcycle with the agility of a house fly, the ability to rev and rev to make its power...

All images courtesy: Yamaha Motor Europe

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. said...

The answer to your question in my opinion: Who would like to spend 2 lacs, on a bike, that will be smoked left right and center by an bike costing almost 1/3rd the price :D

B/w, Yamaha really have a hot tool on their hands to take on the baby CBR. *Thumps Up*

Hrishi said...

Doesnt the triangular can look similar to the FLAME?

Im not saying they lifted it, but hey, there's a strong strong resemblance ;-)

PS: Bootiful bike.

first_synn said...

This is what 'v been saying all along. Bring stuff like this along. PLEASE!

And to answer the first poster, no, this bike ain't gonna be smoked by our "powerbikes". Straightline, may be. but at the first corner, the R125 will show the lot who their daddy is.

IMO, our market has to evolve beyond the jack-of-all-trades machines and start seeing them segment wise. Think about it. The FZ1 has atleast 25 more horses than the R6, but you couldn't persuade a 600 supersport fan to go for a streetfighter with a lifetime subscription to playboy. er.. maybe you can, but that really is besides the point... :-P

That being said, The engine, in all probability, can be bored up a bit.

read THIS

Sprotor said...

Somehow I feel the indian government is protecting the indian bike companies a li'l too much with the 800cc limit, and the super-heavy import duties..

It's hightime that all this goes out, and the indian market is open for all bikes.. Indian bike mnfrs should compete head-on with outsiders ..

These days we are seeing to much of 'technology' (lots on paper) in current bikes.. if indian mnfs are making the bike that's most suited for indian conditions they shoudldn't have a problem facing such competition ..

Obviously, it will also provide better choice for the customer and will help more people get on a 'bike' ..

This has already happened with cars (Audi, Merc, Porsche, BMW) all showing good interest in indian markets ..why not bikes..

Arpan said...

Its about time Yamaha leaves the Indian market...they havent be able to build up the brand according to what the intl brand perception is.Just having a fancy advertisment doesnot build up Yamaha INDIA.I seriously wonder what has stopped them from entering the premium executive segment atleast!!(150cc)

Regarding the bike in the post...Yam brings in a 125cc...aprilla gets in a 125cc too and then suzuki gets in the party...Ha ha..all dreams..
for now they would be having sleepless nights about XCD and Flame.
But seriously...Why would anyone buy a 125CC bike which would be priced atleast 1L+ ?

Revhard said...

Dude - 2.2kgm @ 8000 RPM ???
That's wrong for sure, if it made more torque than a Karizma ( 1.87kgm @ 6000 RPM ) at higher RPM , its power would be like 24bhp .

Linux said...

Tell me about it... Sheesh!

Payeng said...

My current ride is a Yamaha RX100..

Yamaha better not bring bikes like these and make a mess of it. Because even if they decide to bring it, Where are they going to service it..??

Even in cities like Bangalore, the service centers of Yamaha are a little better than those dingly local garages.

Quite Ironical for a company whose country of Origin has invented and taught the whole world various Production and Management practices.

Yamaha India has a lot of things to fix up before they can go for such launches.

rearset said...

Smoked left right and center? I don't know really. To me, being smoked in a straight line by anything is completely all right. Its when I get smoked in corners that it gets my attention.

No, but you're right of course. If the pricing went too far beyond Rs 60K for something like this, it would be an expensive, still desirable, but expensive machine.

8-D fire-starter

You're right of course. That's the reason why I hope the WTO tightens the screws further...

I might, if I thought the 125 was worth the money... Its another matter that arranging the money's gonna be a b***h

Its correct. This is one of those motors that makes no power until you'r tired of waiting, and then BAM, its off like a cat which got sprayed with mace under the tail. In fact, the higher rpm the peak torque arrives at, the more peaky and top-endy the bike will usually turn out to be. So, if you don't like revving engines, avoid bikes with high torque peaks (rev-wise)

Point taken. But what's broken can always be fixed. Sometimes it takes a lot of time, and a heck of a lot of effort... This time, I think someone at Yamaha is (finally) working towards that... pray for them, please?

Revhard said...

What I'm saying is the mathematical relation b/w torque & RPM isn't consistent.

2.2kgm @ 8000 means 24.x bhp @ 8000 RPM which is more than the claimed 15bhp @ 9000 RPM. Must be a typo , as 1.2kgm @ 8000 is more in the ballpark.

What's more 250cc machine with 30bhp for that indicated price of 1.5 lac.

rearset said...

My bad. You're right. 1.24 kgm is the correct figure here

Vrrooom said...

I vote for these bikes...will be much effecient, economical and value propositions than others like the R6 and all to be brought at exorbitant prices to India.

On second thoughts, rearset, dont u feel the CBR 125 R from Hnda would be same?


Kedar Parikh, said...

What would you comment on this
YZF-r125 vs CBr125

Even if we have them in india they wont succeed, the reason is 105% duty would make 3 times costlier than 225 cc zma and p220.

They have to be locally manufactured .

mdantas86 said...

Are these going to be available in the U.S?

Thanks in advance.


Edmond said...

If you're interested, the price here is england translates to roughly 2.5 lakhs...hasn't tata just launched the one lakh car?