Dec 18, 2006

Neill Blomkamp

I've been a bit busy over the past few days and one of the reasons is our suddenly faster internet connection, gusting up to 900 kbps! Which means I can finally spend productive (heh heh) time on Google Video and YouTube. What I found is a startlingly good collection of films by a chap called Neill Blomkamp, a South African director who excels at short and ad films. He was tipped to do the Halo movie before it got shelved. Below I've added a set of thumbnail that lead to link in GV or YT... enjoy. His speciality is a combination of cinema verite and CG. Brilliant work, I thought. I could have embedded the vids, but I remember when I had slow connections... I hated people with blogs who regularly add video. That sucked. So I won't.

Neill Blomkamp: Citroen C4 Advert
This is the famous Citroen C4 Dancer ad. Loved it.
Also look on YouTube/GVideo for the Ciroen C4 Skater and Citroen
2CV Spoof Dancer ads.

Neill: Blomkamp: Nike Evolution Advert
Neat, neat Nike Evolution ad for the latest shoe.
Graphics look superb.

Neill Blomkamp: Nike Crab Advertisement
Another imaginative Nike Crab Ad.
Features soccer playing crabs.

Neill Blomkamp: Adicolor Yellow
I'm told Adidas commissioned a series of short films, of which
Yellow was done by Blomkamp. Very nice, very real.

Neill Blomkamp: TempBotAn office hires a robot to temp. TempBot tries his hand at work
and relationships with colleagues. Interesting

Neill Blomkamp: Tetra Vaal
Supposed to be a successor/sequel to TempBot, Tetra Vaal
takes the TempBot robot to South Africa, as policemen.

Neill Blomkamp: Alive in JoburgAnd finally, my favourite, Alive in Joburg. I won't
tell you anything about it. Just watch it. It's brilliant stuff.

Screenshots collected from various sources for representational purposes. If anyone has any objectiosn please email me at rearsetblog[at]


Cj said...

You might also want to check out the fan-made clip for the transformers movie :

And thats FAN-MADE !

Nyctophobia said...

not sure if you would enjoy this, but this is one piece of animation that i just love...