Dec 4, 2006

Think!: How Close?

Came across this video on the net and the first person I thought of when I watched it was you. I remember that video you had up on your blog about biker babes and I thought maybe you could put this up for a bit as well. It shook me up a bit, this video did! I'm not too sure if there are any copyright issues with this one, but as with all things on the net, I wouldn't be surprised if there are! Maybe you could run it with the same 'disclaimer' that you ran with the other vid, I don't know. Your call. Anyways, hope atleast you 'enjoy', for lack of a better word, this one!

The WishfulThinker

This ad is also from Think! The road safety campaign....


The BATFAN said...

Well cant really help with this but being a bike rider now would surely make driving my father's car a totally different experience. Yet still I think the biker in the video was a bit too fast. It all happened too fast at least for the video. I dont think he could be noticed at that speed.

vibhu said...

Nice and informative. Can you provide the video link so I can put it up on my blog. This video is meant more for people who drive cars.