Dec 25, 2006

Omphaloskepsis: A blog is born

My bestest friend in the whole wide world (and beyond) just started blogging. I'd like to believe I was the inspiration. Heh heh. Below is the link to his blog. Having long been a fan of Indian Aviation's all sign, Victor Tango, that's the address of the blog, and the title of the blog, Omphaloskepsis, is supposedly pretty descriptive. It isn't. The blog actually makes a lot of sense (and not just because I'm biased).

Kautilya is a irrepressible New York freak. Probably has the famous 'I heart New York' sign tattooed somewhere, believes in great food and New York. For him, anything in New York is better than anywhere else. Even tandoori chicken (although truth be told, we still haven't finished discussing the steaks, so we haven't got to TC yet). His computer at home in NYC is on 24x7 and displays food screensavers.

A well-informed blogger, expect Omphalo... to be a place to read about food, new york and other sundry forms of well-documented, enthusiastically followed wierdness, usually from the Big Apple. He also takes incredible pictures and has surprised rearset by not having any food photos in the portfolio (or the blog) so far...

You can visit VictorTango at

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