Dec 29, 2006

KTM RC8: The veil lifts... a little?

Go to now! It would appear that KTM is preparing a March release for the RC8. And I assume that the naked Venom would make its appearance either simultaneously or at one of the various motorcycle shows around September-November 2007. Little is known about the bike itself, of course, except for its amazing shape (pic below) and KTM's reputation for making amazingly gobsmacking motorcycles. The text below is from KTM Australia, dated back to September 2004, when the RC8 and the Venom pics first came out...

990 RC8
For the RC8, KTM brought it's riders to the design table as well as the best technicians and designers. Their aim: The ultimate weapon for ambitious street fighters.
That means: A radical concentration of its mass around the compact 75 degree V2. Innovative details are everywhere The seat is the tank, keeping fuel at the machines centre of gravity. Dry sump lubrication allows the entire exhaust system to sit precisely where it has the least amount of influence on dynamics, directly under the seat. The fairing is designed to produce the least possible crosswind drag. The result is no cross wind oscillation, spell binding agility, and aggressive steering ability.

The RC8 Venom is a study based on the revolutionary concept of the RC8. Technically the same as the RC8 but with styling for the naked bike class.

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