Dec 25, 2006

Light on the brakes

Next time you're in the parking lot, warming up the bike in preparation for the ride (you do warm it up, right?), try this. Use the time to see how much brake lever/pedal motion produces a lit tail lamp. Depending on the age/state of your sensor (the spring loaded thing for the rear and the stubby plug for the front disc), the amount of lever travel needed to illuminate the brake light will vary. This is useful information. Next time you think the car behind you is too close, you just tweak the brake lever/pedal a little bit. The light comes on, car chap backs off the throttle, and you have a larger gap behind you.

1 comment:

The BATFAN said...

Nice tip indeed ... But the Indian drivers never seem to take the hint or maybe they are aware of this trick adopted by an experienced rider.

In the case of my bike I found that the front brake came on only near the full tap of the lever while the light was on at a slight tap. Need to practice it a few times more to be accurate as I did miss the light on some taps. The rear brake is more tricky because I am not having so much finesse over the tap with the toes and am a bit skeptical that I may just jam the brake.