Dec 30, 2006

Rearset's Annual Motorcycle Awards: List One

Design Of The Year
Apple iPod

Sorry, none of our bikes deserve this award.

Deserving Bike of the Year
Yamaha Gladiator
Every year I come across one bike that's got it all. But does not win any awards. So I created a category for it. The Yamaha Gladiator, truly, is the best all-round 125 launched in India so far. I'd go so far as to say, one of the completest motorcycles on sale in India today.

Scooter Of The Year
Nothing out there worth it, dude. Honourable mentions to Kinetic Blaze and Hero Honda Pleasure.

Bike Of The Year Hero
Honda CBZ X-Treme

The only serious award of the lot. rearset's Bike Of The Year goes to the CBZ X-Treme. It's one of the most emotive bikes I've ridden this year. It isn't perfect (goitre) but everytime I've ridden a perfect bike, I've almost fallen asleep (various Hondas, including a Super Blackbird and late Fireblades). I remember all the imperfect ones though (first Fiero, first Pulsar).

The CBZ X-Treme, is the most exciting motorcycle to ride launched this year. I do wish it had more to offer - more power, a lot more style and I would have loved a 156cc engine upgrade (15 bhp!). Still, it rocks and is the best motorcycle this year.

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