Feb 10, 2007

And keep'em teeth shiny too!

Vision aside, the greatest asset for a motorcyclist, physically, is a set of sparkling teeth, visible in a beaming smile when you take the lid off, right?

For us, Tinifity has created the world's first Titanium toothbrush. Sounds like metal on teeth, right? But the inventor says it really works. Here's a quote

With so many options when it comes to toothbrushes, it's easy to assume that we are making the right choice to maximize our oral health. But are you confident that your toothbrush is effectively impacting your oral health? Do you have a desire to have a healthy smile that can make a lasting impression? Are you constantly looking for the right tools to ensure proper care of your teeth? If so, why is your toothbrush not giving you what you need? The answer is that over 100 years little improvements have been made to the basic and most critical components of the everyday nylon toothbrushes.

  • Lasts more than 10 times the life span of leading toothbrushes
  • Repels moisture and resists bacteria
  • Removes plaque more effectively
  • Remains Hygienic
  • Two Year life expectancy

The traditional nylon bristles wear out much too rapidly rendering the brush ineffective. The TiFinity™ Toothbrush will stay in brand new condition over the life span of more than 10 nylon brushes. This is due to the amazing properties of the bristles which are made of titanium alloy. These super elastic memory filaments of the bristle material constantly rebound instantly during brushing allowing for better penetration of the bristles in to the hard to reach areas between teeth and under gums!

Sounds amazing, right?

Well, just so you know, I intend to acquire one of these 50 dollar jobs as soon as I can. That'll be the fifth piece of titanium I own, counting the two toe and two heel sliders on my motorcycle boots. Yee... Ha?

1 comment:

Nyctophobia said...

First thought
titanium = twice the strength of steel. after all the marketing that toothbrush needs to be flexible to reach the far recesses of your mouth, they make one of metal?

Second thought
the bristles? they obviously have a lot of faith in the toothpaste making teeth really strong!!!

Third thought (upon reading the post and finally figuring out what the product is all about)
Mental note: keep hyperactive imagination in check... -_-