Feb 17, 2007

Bajaj Kristal: The Riding Impression

I rode the new Bajaj Kristal as well. Here's the riding impression. That's very nice. Please don't mistake the brevity of the riding impression as a sign of sarcasm. It's true. The Kristal is very nice. It also happens to have a lot of truly useful features. Thank you.


Jatin said...

Hey...i am kinda confused if that was actually sarcasm..just "nice"?
Me thinkin of getting this for my sis..primarily coz shes after an activa..and it will take anoder 45 days..and each time i get down from my unicorn, she gives me the look...
so can u tel me..is it worth it..or activa?

Alkriesys said...

This person has been using Kristal for the past 1000 odd kilometers (3 months). Given below are observations that you may find interesting:

Feels very good. You feel you are in control of the vehicle. Sluggish pickup, especially with the pillion.

* Wobbling rear wheel
* Faulty fuel gauge, which shows full tank when only 2 litres is filled (tank capacity 4.5 litres)
* Sometimes the vehicle does not start with the kick-starter during first use of the day. (This happens sometimes even when the ignition is on for two minutes {as suggested by the mechanic} before using the kicker first-time). At these times, one has to use the electronic starter.

Purchased the vehicle from Chennai. During the time of purchase, we tried five different vehicles. All of them had wobbling rear wheels.

After purchase, we left the vehicle with them (they gave it back after about a week, in the same condition). They claimed to have changed the wheel and all.

Before delivering the vehicle, they have removed the PDI form from the manual. PDI means Pre Delivery Inspection. This vehicle has passed PDI apparently (but how, we wonder).

Now, the question is, if this is the status of parts that are visible outside to the customer, what attention would be paid by the company and its dealers to parts that are not visible, the internals!

It hurts to know that Indian companies still produce goods with less emphasis on quality. I hope that Indian companies pay real attention to providing real quality to Indians.

I say this because one of the marketing slogans in India is "Export Quality", which means anything that is meant for the Indian user can be "sub-Export Quality".

The dealer initially was not showing a keen interest in making a sale of Kristal. Obviously, they got better margins on other vehicles. Or they thought they will make the sale just because it was a Bajaj.

poemsnpuja said...

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