Feb 1, 2007

More praise for Gaurav Jani

Gaurav Jani, Riding Solo To the Top Of The Worldwebbikeworld has reviewed Riding Solo, here's an excerpt

Now you may think that this would result in an amateurish attempt at video, especially since Jani admits right up front that he's never used a professional videocam before. But the result is camera work that ranks among the most breathtaking I've ever seen, and it's not just because of the incredibly deep beauty of the scenery "at the top of the world", but also because Jani has a true knack for the art of film, capturing shot after shot with perfect exposure, focus and, most important of all, intuitively artistic scene composition.
This is where the review is | And here are my posts on the film Screening Full Review Early Review | Click here to see the video at 60 kph Riding Solo Teaser | Buy this film

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Anonymous said...


Must say I have become a fan of your blog. I'm into long distance motorcycling as well and have had the pleasure of meeting Gaurav Jani in person. Needless to say Riding solo... definitely touches the heart and evokes many other emotions in the motorcyclist in me as well as the traveller and the interest in culture within.

I like your blogs as well and really really envy the job you are in. I'm in the television industry myself but agree with you that it's the written word which also holds the heart...

Cheers and keep up the good work!