Feb 22, 2007

Prompt response from carandbikeforum.com

The chaps at carandbikeforum.com have responded with the following letter. I'm quite happy about this....

Hello rearset,

We are extremely sorry if the source link was not posted in our entry on our database. Usually the articles on the site are published from select topics and a due "Source: (link) / name" will be provided at the end of the article. The site takes no credit to the articles that are posted. A link to your blog / removal will be done asap as we receive your next email.

Sincere apologies from our team, which runs a plethora of sites indexing blogging articles. and the posts are automated to an extent. a minor flaw has been identified and the last 60 or so posts have been devoid of the linkbacks.

We're working to resolve it asap.

A blog header advertisement running for 7 days worth 20$ will be awarded to you for our slip ups.

[C&B Support staff]
This is a followup to this post: Copycat on carandbikeforum.com

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