Feb 19, 2007

Roger Waters: Curtain Raiser

Hello people, this is rearset, reporting live from the Roger Waters' Dark Side Of The Moon concert in Mumbai. It's twenty minutes to show time and this is a short post. But typing on a cellphone means that I can only manage a short post in any case. I am standing second row from the stage and am feeling quite lucky. On my right is a Rock Mama. She's forty years old, a lawyer (which is the reason she can't wear a baseball cap, apparently), and has a few loose connections to reality, I think. Rock Mama is upset. And near-orgasmic too. Everytime a member of band as much as does a 'plink' on the keyboard (it's still fifteen minutes to time...), she has a screaming, jumping, 'I love you Roger!' climax. In my ear. She's upset, as I said, because they took away her smokes in the entry queue. And because the chap is front of her was obviously smoking pot. And she didn't wanna get high till later (my addition). She's been bumming smokes like there's no tomorrow and has already earned the ire of a bunch twenty-something girls who are determined to ration their tobacco.

A cheer goes up from the crowd. It seems a couple of Mumbai Police (somehow Mumbai's finest doesn't ring right to me) chaps are on stage, completing a final inspection. The crowd is (j)cheering them. Then a nice moment happens, when the senior cop, obviously a chap not without a sense of humour, raises his arm and waves a happy acknowledgement.

Rock Mama's been yelling again, but I'm ignoring her. And now, the band members are coming on stage.... hold on, it's about to hit the fans...

[This post was supposed to be live. But some techno-eff-up ensured that I have to post it next morning... darn]

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