Feb 17, 2007

How to get slow drivers out of your way

  1. Park the bike, jog up to their window and ask politely

  2. Get the Hummer/Caterpillar and drive right over them

  3. Use a Silenced Subsonic Superfrag Rail Gun. Substitute with 30mm Howitzer where applicable

  4. Call in air support and laser tag the cager as the target

  5. Flash your Hella 3000s right into his rear view mirrors. If mirror melts from the heat, pay the poor sod off

  6. Overtake, or if safe, undertake

  7. Change your way

However, do not use the horn. The horn was added only as a way of telling people that you-are-here and by extension a warning that said look-out-coming-through. The current day horn, even ones that produce the same effect as a sonic boom or a nuclear explosion, will not encourage a slow cager to get out of your way. You're just wasting your time. And my ears.

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