Sep 4, 2007

Another statement from Bajaj

In continuation of its Press Release of Monday 4th September 2007 concerning the following matter, Bajaj would like to state as follows –
  1. Bajaj continues to be anxious about and prepared to defend its DTS-i (Digital Twin Spark – ignition) patent in the event of any attempted infringement, as it has successfully done in recent years.

  2. This will be clearly and finally evident only if and when an offending product is actually launched.

  3. Bajaj anticipates that in view of its having articulated its intentions in no uncertain terms, no such offending product would be launched.

  4. Thus, for now Bajaj has no further comment to offer on this matter until such launch.

  5. Bajaj considers it unfortunate that hitherto healthy competition has deteriorated in this manner.

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