Sep 13, 2007

Copycat at X-TremeMachine Blog

A chap who calls himself

  1. Please visit our sneaky pal and check that he hasn't been mooching off your blog

  2. Please click on the Flag Blog link right at the top (blue bar) to let the chaps at blogger know that they a moocher on their hands.
Also, do you guys (especially the web savvy ones) know how I can prevent this kind of theft?


Anonymous said...

You think the following posts of his are not lifted as is from other places/mags?

and what about these

What a looser. If he is so keen on sharing such perf figures, how about getting some equipment for himself and then testing the bikes and then sharing the figures, instead of being a copy cat.

@Rearset: If you are going to show the contents on net, expect them to get copied. Depends on how you show them, will decide the difficulty level to copy.

Oh and the Blog is flagged :-)

Payeng said...

Flagged him..!!

Mail to the "adsense support" guys asking for advice on this.. I am sure they'll reply back.

Anonymous said...

Bloody hell.. he is copyin figs from all over the net!
navendu : yeah thats from

blog flagged!

Glifford said...

Have you seen this. Altho' he gives credit to you:

Anonymous said...

like i said before...these guys find it easier to 'cut and paste, than ride and waste(time)'

Anonymous said...

Also, do you guys (especially the web savvy ones) know how I can prevent this kind of theft?

i have an idea...send him a link to this bomb him with a lot of hate comments/mail

amol t / drowning me said...

hi rearset
saw d blog and seems dat he is indeed very lazy lifting content from all over.
I wud suggest you to go here

Creative Commons Licence-

and copyright your content.

Deaths Head Roy said...

The EFF can help....not sure about stuff in India....

And add a Creative Commons license...check out

And that blogs been flagged!!!

Anonymous said...

You can report his blog on these links:

You can also send a mail to and tell them about your content being stolen. They are likely to take some action.

Ikrana said...

There is this piece of javascript you can use to prevent text highlighting... and you cant copy what you cant highlight...

take a look here:


p.s. It'll be pretty annoying if i cant highlight text... I have an irritating habit of reading text and highlighting it randomly... :p

Satyen Poojary said...

Welcome to the new world of plagiarism!

I dont think you really have a chance against such suckers!

Flagged as well ;)

Anonymous said...

You need to visit this:

Get their plagiarism warning banner for your site. Might help.

Rahul said...

Hmmmm Sad I say. But thats the way it is rearset. I have images which I have painfully clicked all over the net playing lead images for various orkut communities. Other mouthshut articles and stuff.

Well there is nothing one can do. I guess the best thing is that people can see through such f***heads mate! Now you know why we seal and lock every page of the emag? Hehehe

Prashanth M said...

How about this -
* you go on a group ride
* and write a trip log & post in the blog
* a fellow rider, changes your name to his in the post
* and publishes it as his own!

it happened to me...

and btw flagged this blog...

rearset said...

Thanks to all of you for your support and the flags you raised for me. Deeply appreciate it.

Kedar Parikh, said...

Damn this guy just lifts things word to word even from my blog.
Flagged him