Sep 4, 2007

TVS Flame: Fire starter

TVS Flame 125 image from tvsflame.comThis is the motorcycle that has Bajaj and TVS all stirred up. Sadly, it isn't because the damn thing's so good looking. Hmph. The nub of the matter is that the TVS has two spark plugs and a third valve – an inlet that opens later, sort of like VTEC. No all that's wrong. What happens is that TVS' carburettor opens into two vertically stacked manifolds that lead to the two intake valves, one each. As the carburettor slide rises on throttle application, the fuel-air mix first begins to travel down the lower one, the 'swirl port' as TVS calls it. This port is designed to operate with maximum swirl, generating maximum possible turbulence to allow the engine to offer great economy and torque. As the revs (and the slide) continue to rise, the carburettor begins to feed the motor through the other manifold, the 'power port'. This port is straigher compared to the curvy swirl port, and it's job in life is to flow more mixture. At high revs, this allows the engine to breathe deeper and make more power.

I haven't had any saddle time, but am told that the torque levels are admirable. In many respects, this might be the best looking 125 on the market soon. Launch is expected by November. The rest of the text is from TVS. And the photos are all from here.

The all new 125 cc FLAME

TVS Flame 125 image from tvsflame.comThe all-new 4 Stroke, 4 geared 125cc FLAME is the most innovatively designed offering from TVS designed to win over discerning customers with its futuristic styling and technology. The 3-Valve Engine comes with Controlled Combustion Variable Timing Intelligent (CC-VTi) technology.

The styling of Flame is inspired by the Delta Wing design found in the latest fighter jets. Called “DeltaEdge”, it gives the bike a unique style while giving it superior aerodynamics. The FLAME boasts of several style statements including, DeltaEdge Headlamps, Sporty DeltaEdge Exhaust, Embedded DeltaEdge Trafficators, LCD Digital Speedometer and a Dual Lens Tail Lamp.

TVS Flame 125 image from tvsflame.comDeveloped by world class R&D at TVS MOTOR, in collaboration with AVL, Austria, the CC-VTi technology features 2 different intake ports called Swirl port & Power port.

Swirl port creates swirl motion of air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. This Swirl motion helps in efficient combustion of lean air-fuel mixture thus giving highest fuel economy in its class. Power Port gives high flow rate, which helps in delivering high power. The engine packs in 10.5 bhp @ 8250rpm

TVS Flame 125 image from tvsflame.comThe 125cc FLAME promises to be the best looker in its segment. Keen attention to detail, marks this new offering. DeltaEdge styling coupled with snazzy dual tone graphics translates into an amazing road presence. With the revolutionary new CC-VTi technology, the 125 cc FLAME successfully provides the advantage of power, mileage and stunning looks.

Product specification: Flame 125 CC Motorcycle

Displacement 124.8 cc
Engine technology CC-VTi, 4 Stroke
Max. Power (Kw@rpm) 7.7kw @ 8250 ( 10.5bhp @ 8250 )
Max. Torque (Nm@rpm) 10 Nm @ 6250
Gear Box 4 Gear constant mesh
Clutch Multi-Plate Wet Type
Bore x stroke (mm) 54.5 x 53.5
Compression Ratio 10:1
Carburettor Type VM Type - UCAL
Clutch Wet, Multi Plate

Wheels Mag Alloy
Tyres - Front 90 x 90 x 17, Rear 90 x 90 x 18
Brakes - Front Drum 130 dia / Disc 240 dia, Brake - Rear Drum 130 dia
Front Telescopic Hydraulic fork, Rear Twin tube 5 step adjustable Gas filled.

TVS Flame 125 image from tvsflame.comElectricals
Head lamp 12V 35/35 W - Halogen
Tail lamp 12V 21W / 5W
Turnsignal lamp 12V 16W
Battery type & capacity 12 V - 5 Ah
Ignition system High Energy IDI System

TVS Flame 125 image from tvsflame.comDimensions
Height 1070 mm
Length 2030 mm
Width 760 mm
Wheelbase 1320 mm
Ground Clearance 165 mm
Kerb weight 121 kgs
Fuel Tank Capacity 8.0 Litre
Fuel reserve 2.0 Litre


Max. speed 95 kmph
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sumit said...

@rearset: Don't you think that 4 speed gearbox is a big big mistake for such a good looking, good power bike?

rearset said...

Yes, I think that's a bit of a goof. With all the work they've done, they should have completed the thought and put in a five-speeder.

Anonymous said...

Then why stop at 5? Just because many bikes in India come with 5 speeder?

Why not ask for 6 or 7 gears?

Whats wrong in a bike with 4 gears if the gear ratios are well designed?

rearset said...

What's wrong with well-designed 4?
Nothing technically. But when your competition sports a 5-speed gearbox (no matter how it is designed) your product faces a competitive disadvantage on the showroom floor. Given that the cost diff between a 4-speed and a 5-speed gearbox is minimal, it's an oversight.

Why not 6 or 7?
The old 50cc and 125cc Grand Prix bikes did have seven or more ratios. But they were there for purpose. The 50cc bikes, for instance, had such a narrow powerband, that they needed as many gears as they could get. And I recall reading about 12-speed and 15-speed machines.

6-gears is the current standard for performance bikes, because it allows manufacturers one more ratio to play with than a five-speed box, which is usually a good thing when you want to construct a close ratio box. At the racetrack, you actually dont use all of the gears you have (first, for instance, is almost never required). In that situation having too many gears will slow you down. RD350s for instance, found it hard to beat tuned RXs at Sri'dur because every gearchange cost them half a second. An Rx would go down from fourth to third for a corner, while an RD would need to come down from sixth to third for the same thing. That's why no one uses seven gears anymore – there aren't any motorcycles left with that kind of razor thin performance bands.

As to why the Flame does not have a 6-speed box goes? I would assume that a strong midrange and a good top-end punch would eliminate the need for 5- and 6-speed boxes. But if it had one, I for one would be very chuffed about it, for sure.

sumit said...

@rearset: I think this is a very deliberate move from TVS to choose 4-speed trans instead of 5. Here I think why..
1) Fire looks better than RTR
2) Goodies are almost as good as RTR
3) Power is very good if we go by numbers, while RTR has better. But anybody who really cares about power would go for p200 or p220 anyway.
4) Performance should be comparable to RTR below 75kmph
5) By offering a 4-speed box you can limit the top speed to 90s vs 115 of RTR and RTR would sound much smoother in 5th gear at high speed (above 80) compare to in 4th gear FIRE

Thus would give everyone a very good reason to consider RTR if they want high speed excitement as well.

If I have have to choose between 5speed FIRE and RTR, I definitely choose FIRE. But with 4-speed FIRE vs RTR I don't know. I think 5the gear can make line between FIRE and RTR quite thin if all numbers are true.

Sprotor said...

Sumit, what's FIRE ?

sumit said...

I mean FLAME, these names keep confusing me.

Julian Paul said...

I'm surprised nobody has mentioned this yet.

A long time ago, someone (journo or customer) asked, and someone (bike manufacturer) replied that the reason commuter bikes are usually limited to four speeds is to keep it simple for the rider who can't care less about performance. Four speeds means less gear-changes.

Which is why even the discover 135, with a nearly 12hp engine, comes with only four-speeds. It's a commuter, not a performance bike.

Jackfruit said...

anyway a good looking bike from TVS ... they are sure getting better

Anonymous said...

First of all which bike is RTR whos the manufacture

any idea wat milage this bike will give ?

and whens this coming out

Dev said...

This thing from TVS is surly the hottest but what about its fuel effficiency that what 125cc segment is all about. it isn't a faster bike even then it must be a criteria while purchasing. I also have looked at the Bajaj's XCD 125 which assures 109km/liter. Even it claimed 77 that for pulsar but it gives 50 only in real conditions considering the fact it will be giving nothing less than 75km/lit. Indeed need your comments for fuel efficiency of Flame and comparisions between the two.

Paresh said...

Hi frnds,
I think this bike will work in Market only if it gives 55kmpl as average & price around 45K-48K(Ex Showroom) as it is a TVS Product. I would Suggest this bike to my frnds if & only if it fits in the above criteria rest all is excellent.

sahil said...


Anonymous said...

If you can wait ...check out the Flame and then decide

Anonymous said...

The company plans to begin production of the Flame in November 2007 and launch the bike in December 2007 as planned. TVS, intends to go ahead with the December 2007 launch of its 125 cc bike TVS Flame.So much delay is of no use. As they will loose customers. They should launch within Deepavali festival.

if Tvs flames is not going to be launched before 5th of november its going to fail in the market for sure according to my surveys …. so i would suggest Tvs to launch it asap if not its definately going to become a drawback’

As of now many new bikes with lot of offers are launched by Bajaj,Hero honda,Yamaha. We may notice the delay of TVS fLAME 125CC ,i think they wont launch the bike. Tvs will loose the market.They will loose ideal customers

i am waiting for past 2 months for the launch of Flame. Now i feel that to take Hero Honda Bike. No use of waiting for TVS FLAME BIKE.