Sep 11, 2007

2008 Yamaha R1 and R6: Some pics & details

Yamaha 2008 YZF-R6
Yamaha 2008 YZF-R6Yamaha 2008 YZF-R6Yamaha 2008 YZF-R1

Yamaha has given the YZF-R6 even more teeth, so to speak. The bike looks more or less the same, sports new stickering and that's not whole story at all. There's a new frame and swingarm, the 599cc inline four engine has been given the once over, a slipper clutch is not standard, the brakes are supposedly better and the fairing is more aerodynamic. With a firm eye on racing success (or the lack of it in the 2007 season), Yamaha has added titanium valves, bumped the compression up to 13.1:1, added new valve cutouts and domed pistons to create a smaller combustion chamber. The R6 gave the R1 the ride-by-wire business. Now, the R1 returns the favour by giving it the variable intake system. There are more changes in the engine also, aimed at better throttle response and less engine braking. The sharp eyed will also note the new exhaust can. The sharp-eyed, however, will not spot the new airbox – not their fault, it is hidden under the faux tank. Yamaha now employs a magnesium alloy subframe to improve mass centralisation and saved almost half a kilo in the process. The brakes? Well, the front ones are thicker by 0.5 mm, which helps them run cool.

Yamaha 2008 YZF-R1
Yamaha 2008 YZF-R1Yamaha 2008 YZF-R1

On the other hand, the YZF-R1 has more or less been given a paint job, including the lovely yellow (gold?) wheels from the SP, which are not available on the blue bike.

All images courtesy: Yamaha Motor Europe

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the new ninja 10r looks hotter than ever...atleast what one can see in the side profile pics released by kawasaki