Sep 29, 2007

Dekomount Plasma LCD Wall Mounts

One of the widest range of plasma lcd wall mount brackets can be found at DekoMount. As you can imagine, mounting a heavy, but sleek and fashionable plasma or LCD television is not an easy task. However, dekomount makes your job easy. Just visit the website, select what brand and what size your new pride and joy is and the site will throw up a list of mounts that are compatible with your television. Just select one, and receive on in the mail. Dekomount says their mounts are of the highest quality, and benefit from careful engineering, right down the special shipping crates. The dedication to quality is certified, and dekomount has earned a TUV Rheinland Safety Certification for their plasma screen wall mount brackets too. dekomount also backs its products with an 18-month guarantee. Visit the site today.