Sep 10, 2007

Bajaj XCD 125: Ridden!

Bajaj XCD 125

I got to ride one for a short distance. I was not really impressed to start with. It felt more or less like a Super Splendor/Glamour/Gladiator/Shine would or should. It didn't feel as fast as a Discover at high revs... no, this bike wasn't for me. Then I parked for a minute and got chatting with this chap. I was parked next to his Splendor, and when I told him that the bike was Rs 41,000 ex-showroom, he remarked that that was roughly what he paid for his bike.

Then it struck me. I was riding a proper 125cc bike that cost as much as his 100cc bike. And mine had a digital dash (fuel, battery, speed, no tacho), LED tail lamps, a neat front number plate that folds flat over bumps (a lever connects to the top of the number plate to the bottom triple clamp. The plate is spring loaded at the bottom. When the suspension compresses, it pushes the plate forward and flat. Benefit? Fairing can be mounted lower. I'm told a patent has been applied for and will bet that the all/most of the next bunch of motorcycles from Bajaj will sport this), standard electric start (yes, standard) and a box/saree guard that isn't lockable but a neat cubby hole nonetheless. To look at, it isn't jaw-dropping, but it is not anonymous and certainly striking. The XCD looks quite eye-catching, especially as an upgrade from the rather ploddy 100-110cc bikes we're used to.

Riding about, I liked the early torque and cruising the stupidly low speeds in ludicrously high gears is possible – should this fuel economy fixation thing be happening to you. The torque curve is flat and high, but I thought the top-end was a bit weak. I'm not completely sure about it yet, but it might just be that the early torque is so much, that it makes the respectable 9.5 bhp top-end look all wilted and all. Could also be that the peak power comes in at an early 7,000 rpm, so when the revs do get up high, you're past the power peak and suffering. But as I said, more on this when I get to properly ride the bike, as opposed to mooch it for ten minutes.

Ride and build quality is good, handling is light and maneuverable. In fact, the bike is remarkably light. At 112 kgs, it should be one of the lightest in the market right now. Which helps both the performance and the mileage aspects. And don't ask me why, but if you're buying one, get a bike that's wearing Eurogrips as OEMs and the Dunlops. There's not much in it, but the Euros, my source tells me, are slightly better.

Overall, I'm very impressed with the XCD as long as I can remember that it's supposed to compete with the Splendor/Platina. Problem is that the XCD is no effortless at being a regular 125 (Super Splendor-Glamour, even Gladiator, I think) that it makes that fact very hard to remember.

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Anonymous said...

@ rearset
have bajaj stopped production of the discover 125 and 110??

Sprotor said...

Thanks for the review..

IMO that number plate gimmick is quite un-stylish.. I would hate to see it on other Bajaj bikes.. on the other hand I dont think the lowering of the headlight assembly has given it any improved looks.. The bike still looks skinny and discoverish (nothing radical with the design).. and comes no where close to TVS Flame..

The '125' part is actually misleading marketwise (depending on which segment this is placed under).. It's performance is on par with 100cc class and might become a good replacement there..

Probably bajaj shouldn't have promoted the bike with the '125' in the name..

Glifford said...

Yes, people keep comparing the XCD to the Flame, but even tho' they have the same engine capacities, they are targetted at different segments. And I suppose they need to specifically target that segment, else people interested in buying a flame will walk out disappointed from BAL dealerships :P

Do you miss the lack of the front disc?

And it seems, Bajaj may soon have to go Digita-LED for the Discover 135 too... :p

@anonymous, supposedly they have!

Anonymous said...

hmmm.. not impressed

Arun said...

The bikes technology, milaege and the features are excellent. But the look is disappointing. The bike is revolutionary. There is no doubt about that. Bajaj should have spent a little more effort for improving the design. Currently it looks like Discover.

Cé$âr said...

that was fast!

could u tell us how refined is the engine??? is it more comfortable than, say, a splendor or gladiator.. or shine?

Anonymous said...

Nice to know that you were impressed with it. But all should remember here is that its purely disgned to replace the 100cc customer and its in no way in competition with other 125cc. Bajaj specifically claimed that DTS-SI is for fuel efficiency and not for performance. So any comparison of this bike with high performance bike is not reasonable.

so any comparison with discover, Flame or any other product in that segment (CC) is not appropriate. We should look at wat the 100cc customers need and does it cater to it. So keeping that line i feel bajaj has done good job.

Anonymous said...

i think it's more XCD vs 'HH 100cc' and disco135 vs 'rest of 125'

The BATFAN said...

The important point is have they stopped production of The Platina because that's what they promised.

Anonymous said...

The war of Bajaj XCD 125cc and TVS Flame 125cc.
as i have just now read the comments of the above, i have found that Bajaj is claiming for its DTS-SI technology being copied by TVS in its Flame 125cc.
But the fact is,the technology was invented wayback and was used by PORSCH and MERCEDES..
the swerled induction, and air jacket in head was first introduced by HONDA(HMSI) in their vehicles.Eterno,Unicorn and Shine.but nobody was awere of this as this was copied by Bajaj in Pulsar and XCD 125cc..
Hope you all understand.......

SURESH said...

one of my friend is facing engine oil leaking with xcd125,within 2months,4times the same is repeating,still the mechanics cannot identify the problem,its is KL-16-D -9210,HIS MOBILE NO. IS.9349421136.

Anonymous said...

wHAT about mileage..???