Sep 3, 2007

It gets serious: Bajaj's IP issue release

Bajaj Pulsar DTS-Fi 220cc due DiwaliIt gets serious. This is Bajaj's press release on the patent violation issue.


Bajaj would like to clarify the following in the context of its concerns over possible infringement of its DTS-i technology –
  1. Bajaj believes that the use of twin spark technology, christened Bajaj DTS-i (Digital Twin Spark – Ignition), in small automotive engines is worthy of intellectual protection.

  2. It had thus applied for the same for the Indian market on July 16, 2002 and was granted approval via patent number 195904 on July 7, 2005. If there exists any application for revocation of this patent, details of the same are not known to Bajaj.

    Similarly, it is also expecting approval of its international patent applications in various foreign countries subsequent to its application PCT/IN03/000348 dated October 30, 2003.

  3. By virtue of the presence of DTS-i technology, Bajaj motorcycles including the Discover, Pulsar, and Avenger, have made Bajaj the leader not just in the premium (125 cc – 250 cc) motorcycle segment in India, but also in exports.

  4. Given this success, various global manufacturers have in recent years attempted to imitate and thus infringe upon Bajaj technology/products, and Bajaj has and will continue to thwart them.

    Most recently Chinese manufacturer Taian Chiran Machinery Co ltd. and its Sri Lankan distributor were instructed by the honourable High court of Western Province, Sri Lanka to withdraw their copy of the Bajaj Pulsar with DTS-i technology from the market.

  5. Bajaj has been anxious that failing domestic manufacturers may in an act of desperation adopt similar dubious methods in India.

  6. Bajaj is preparing to defend its intellectual property in the event that such a product is eventually introduced. At that time, if evaluation of the actual product appears to suggest reasonable grounds for infringement, Bajaj will take all necessary steps to safeguard its interests as also to inflict the maximum permissible damage upon the offender so as to set an effective precedent for the future.

  7. Bajaj accords the highest importance to its IP portfolio and will defend the same. Bajaj cautions against any attempt to infringe.


Anonymous said...

@Rearset: What about the fact that BAL patented the twin plug tech on small sized single cylinder engine with two valve configuration. Vs TVS usage of twin plug in three valve configuratuion? Isn't that different enough?

Anonymous said...

kinda cool innit...people fighting over technology...shows how much indian companies are investing in R&D and going to great lenghts to protect it.

can only be good for the buyers. TVS says it'll sue bajaj "unless the malicious allegations are withdrawn and regrets expressed"...TVS can keep dreaming i say

Srikeerthi said...

I'm lovin it :D

Anonymous said...

I think that Indian manufacturers are being really stupid. They should come together and work in a spirit of mutual cooperation if they want to, in the long term, fight against the Japanese might. Hero Honda is gaining on Bajaj month after month, and when Honda gets aggressive, Bajaj will find things very tough indeed.

dos.wheels said...

While Bajaj has been doing a good job with introducing new technology into the two wheel market, it is absurd that they even be granted a patent on a twin spark engine.

Bajaj itself has plagiarized from Vespa and later from Kawasaki, from whom where they introduced the 150/Super/Chetak and the motorcycle range. They are fine people to talk!

I say good for Bajaj to have introduced technology and good good for TVS to introduce it as well, and two thumbs up to TVS for sticking by their guns.

Last I know, a patent can be given when something is invented or discovered and adopted. By adapting this technology for use in 'small' motorcycle engines, Bajaj can hardly claim sole credit.

If anyone should think Bajaj invented twin spark tech, then they should take a look at the technology used in piston-engined airplanes, from the WW1 era. Here, they were used for better combustion as well as the more important aspect of redundancy, if the other failed.

Way to go, TVS, amy the force be with ya!

Ho0ligaN said...

bajaj can stop nagging like a bunch of high school girls. Twin Spark is under usage since ages(from what I gather from google).. and secondly whats wrong with these ppl, 125cc engined executive bikes and they are fighting about intellectual property...

somebody make an inline 4 250cc bike atleast and then start comparing their technologies FFS!!

first_synn said...

Seems like people have trouble understanding what the whole deal is about:

Peeps, there is a difference between copying technology, and copying specific implementations of it.

similarly, patents are granted for existing technologies if one can provide a sufficiently different use for it. I know, coz I study the same. Think "Viagra", which was originally a medicine for diabetes.

But all said n done, no publicity is bad publicity, and this whole fiasco will die off when money exchanges hands and both companies hogging more than their fair share of the proverbial limelight..

For the time being, let's stop being lawyers and get back to being bikers, shall we?

Anonymous said...

wht is there to credit tvs for 'sticking by their guns' they have already made plans for mass production; if they dont defend themselves they'll be ruined, they are following the only option available.

and hey,if Bajaj has patented this technology for this segment first, then they have the freaking rights. if tvs wanted to do so, they should have done it earlier, but they woke up too late.

this is patents and copyrights, boss. and its business. tvs better concentrate on patenting further techs.. lest bajaj get beat them to it - again.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I think that Indian manufacturers are being really stupid. They should come together and work in a spirit of mutual cooperation if they want to, in the long term, fight against the Japanese might...

@ anon
did the japanese ever collaborate with each other before puttin the brit bike industry out of commission??...and what with the suzu-kawa tie-up??...only been a scooter and a moto-X to show of in so years

Satyen Poojary said...

Hey Rearset bro, are you alright?
Off late I dont see as many posts from you as I used to earlier!

Is everything ok?

Glifford said...