Sep 27, 2007

Mailbag #15: Permission to copy

Caughtilya-Rearset Stamp 1Dear friend
i'm really sorry.... for coying ur contents from ur blog with out permission... can u give me permission to copy ur contents...
please reply
john (the chap at xtrememachine.blogspot who copied the entire P200 riding impression)

Dear John,
Thank you for your sho-shweet letter. I am glad you wrote in. As I have said before, I have no problems with you carrying content I write with credit. However, I do have two conditions.

  1. You may not reproduce entire posts. At most, you may copy+paste one or two paragraphs (feel free to pick the most relevant ones) and give a link back to the original post. That way, you will get your search engine indexing done, get traffic and I will still get my traffic. Obviously, you will be required to give clear credit to me (or whichever blog you're referencing material from).

  2. Similarly, if a blog post has ten pics, you may only use one of two, rather than all, for the same reasons as above.
I hope this helps



Deaths Head Roy said...

Hehe, this really happened??

theslayer said...

for coying ur contents