Sep 4, 2007

TVS Scooty Teens EV: The full details

I don't have a pic yet, but it doesn't look any different from the usual Scooty, so that pic, is a normal Scooty Teenz – that's the remodelled original Scooty with a few bits and bobs, slashes and stuff. The text is from TVS


The new Scooty Teenz Electric Vehicle has been designed to offer more value and ride comfort. The Scooty Teenz Electric Vehicle (EV), a first of its kind product innovation from TVS is the result of a skilled and committed group of employees and continual innovation of the Scooty brand.

The Scooty Teenz EV has been carefully engineered to a high standard of quality, with many innovative features. It is a reliable, fast and high quality Electric Scooter. It is an ideal balance of style, solid performance and exceptional value that provides customers with a truly fun-loving scooter with loads of features at an affordable price. The Scooty Teenz EV is targeted at women who need mobility, but at lower ownership costs and whose daily travel is limited to around 15-25 km per day. Stylish and durable, the Scooty Teenz EV has a maximum range of 50 km per charge, has a long battery life and maximum utility space.

The Scooty Teenz EV is a pure electric vehicle, with 800 watts power that can touch a maximum speed of 40kph. Once charged, the Scooty Teenz EV lives upto its promise of “All fun, no tension”. Additional advantages include, low running costs, no pollution, no noise and high durability. The Scooty Teenz EV has large utility spaces to take care of every need and promises an effortless ride with comfortable and easy parking. The vehicle comes in vibrant and rich colours and has stylish contemporary looks.

As a vehicle that uses alternate fuel, the SCOOTY TEENZ EV ensures reduced operating costs and guarantees durability, good service backup and sustained performance with pillion rider.

Product specification

Power train
Type Electric vehicle
Motor Type Permanent magnet BLDC
Rated power 800W
Rated torque 33 Nm
Rated voltage 48V
Rated speed 500 rpm
Battery 12V 20 Ah , 4 Batteries
Battery type VRLA
Charger CI and CV ( 48V) - portable type
Controller 48V 25A
Driver control Throttle actuator (Hall effect sensor)


Type Wheel hub mounted motor

Cycle parts
Brakes 110 mm diameter
Suspension - Front Leading Link, Rear Twinshox
Wheel Type Sheet Metal
Tyre - 2.75 x 10, 2.75 x 10

Head lamp 35 W / 35 W
Tail lamp 21W / 5W
Turnsignal lamp 10W

Key Dimensions
Overall height 1060 mm
Overall length 1685 mm
Overall Width 590 mm
Wheelbase 1220 mm
Ground Clearance 130 mm
Kerb weight 90 Kg
Range 50 Km

Max. speed 40 Kph

On sale
TBA: Expected by year-end

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Anonymous said...

Currently the Auto sales in India are hampered by high Oil prices rather than high interest rates... This release would be a boost in the arm for TVs.. Hope it runs some high end Li-ion Polymer Tech.. But A doubt.. I don't see deatils about this vechicle any where other then this Blog... Hope this is true . :)