Sep 26, 2007

Super helmet campaign

AIPF Helmet Campaign

Superb helmet campaign from Vietnam. I found it here and here

AIPF Helmet Campaign
AIPF Helmet Campaign


Cé$âr said...

Disturbing. Everyone should see it.

Anonymous said...

Helmets are for the inexperienced riders who don't know how to ride a two wheeler properly.

Don't belive me? Go and read the statements published by people in anti-helmet campaign. Where "highly experienced" riders have said that they are riding two wheelers for past 10-15-20yrs without wearing a helmet and nothing has hapenned to them.

Anonymous said...

quote : Helmets are for the inexperienced riders who don't know how to ride a two wheeler properly. unquote

u have been unable to make it clear whether u mean it sarcastically or not - but if u seriously believe that - God help you man.

The BATFAN said...


Accidents dont always happen due to inexperience. Experience can only help you to avoid situations. As I have learned in the short span of 1 year 10K KMs that every bit of experience counts as it help you avoid other's inexperience or pure lack of skill on their part. But experience cant save you from everything simply because accidents dont always happen with your fault.

If these experienced people have never taken a fall from a bike then maybe they ride in a manner where others are falling around them because I cant believe a guy learning bikes has not fallen once also. You fall and you learn and if you don't fall then you aint learned. Period. Or if *something happening* for them means *something more than a bruised knee or a palm* to show then these guys are just freaks. You might get a bruise for 100 times and then the head bang at chance 101. Point is the helmet was futile for the first 100 and nothing much could be done about it anyway as a bruise is a bruise. It heals and it scars. But a banged head will do a lot more than that and its worth being saved from it not only for that extra grand but also cos that grand can save you a lot more in the future.

That 1 grand can make a lot of difference.

What say you rearset?

Revhard said...

And here I am ,thinking of how much a full (air condition) knight's armour would cost - since I don't have as thick a skin as a rhino's or as strong an outer shell like a tortoise. Just a helmet isn't enough.

Anonymous said...

Well, i am sure many people who have had the accidents are just novices, even though they were riding for more than 4-6 years.

And by the way, helmet is for saving what's inside of the head. For some people, it's a reason good enough not to buy a helmet. Why to protect a non-existing brain, right?

Thank God, that after 4 years of riding, I am still 'inexperienced' by wearing the helmet each time.

Revhard said...

The best safety equipment is what's within of the helmet - of course not many use it ....

that said, even helmets can protect your head only upto a limit. Crash hard enough into a hard object (such as a Volvo truck ) and even a helmet will crumple like a rosogolla. After all these behemoths reduce Corollas into a junk-pile.

Someday we'll all be cyborgs , then we can ride without fear of crashes.

Arun said...

@Navendu, try falling off your bike, helmet-less, at 85kmph when the tyre bursts. And then tell me how it felt to be inexperienced.