Sep 27, 2007

Suzuki Access 125: More Info

Like I promised, here is the official word on the Suzuki Access.

The Access 125, the latest offering from Suzuki has set new benchmarks in technology, benchmarks, and styling to address the growing demand to fill the existing gap between the 100 and 150 cc scooters in India. The mid-sized scooter Access 125 is sporty and designed exclusively for every member of the Indian family. Powered by a 125cc aircooled, 4-stroke engine, Access 125 comes with automatic transmission and better mileage per liter of fuel. Its attractive and aerodynamic styling also assures of a rust free body thus reducing maintenance expenses.

In addition to its sporty, stunning and stylish design, Suzuki Access 125 is equipped with many other attractive features such as Xtra Torque Performance (XTP) for enhanced performance and excellend riding quality. Central locking system with unique shutter mechanism for a single control point for the entire mechanism will help avoid theft. For safety and convenience, this scooter is equipped with unique multi-reflector headlamp with focused and brighter vision. The Access 125 will be available in an appealing range of 5 colours such as red, blue, black, grey and silver.
According the brochure, the highlights are
  • Smart built-in turn signal
  • Tail lights that are trendy and attractive
  • Stylish, chrome-plated silencer cover
  • Xtra Torque Performance (XTP) for more power and faster pick-up
  • Wider seat for comfort riding
  • Telescopic front fork suspension for comfortable riding
  • Large size underseat compartment
  • Centralised ignition key switch, with shutter
  • Multi-reflector lights for better visibility
  • Easy to read instrument panel

The brochure also says
Smart and modern looks
Wish for a stylish and trendy scooter? Suzuki Access comes with multi-reflector head lamp with halogen bulb for brighter vision and front-rear multi-reflector tail lamp that makes it a style icon

Makes riding fun
For the fun lovers, it has powerful 125cc all aluminium ejngine with Xtra Torque Performance (XTP) and comfortable handle bar position for a fatigue free ride. All this makes it a perfect partner for long journeys

Be tension free
Now get freedom from all your worries. Suzuki Access 125's lightweight composite body material gives better mileage. Its feather touch self-start makes it super convenient. Waterproof battery for hassle-free start. The central locking mechanism with unique shutter mechanism makes your Suzuki Access 125 completely secure.
Tech specs

Type4-stroke, single cylinder, air-cooled OHC
Max power8.58 bhp@7,000 rpm
Max torque1.0 kgm@5,500 rpm
StartingElectric and kick
Cycle parts
Suspension (Front)Telescopic fork
Suspension(Rear)Single shock, engine as stressed member, swingarm
Brakes120mm drums
Ground clearance160mm
Seat hieght780mm
Dry weight109 kg
Fuel tank6.4 litres
Underseat storage20 litres

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Hrishi said...

designed exclusively for every member

Who writes these press releases?

Anonymous said...

Biking legends the likes of Suzuki and Honda into scooters and commuter bikes - and local companies Bajaj and TVS bringing in performance and innovative bikes - who would have thought this 5 yrs ago.

At least for the sheer guts of Bajaj and TVS; I would always consider them before any other Japanese bike in the same segment.

Anonymous said...

yeah, or how about the
"sporty, stunning and stylish" design???


but i guess if they were to be honest, they would have to say "downmarket, ugly and hideous" design.

ha ha

first_synn said...

Ladies 'n Gentlemen, presenting.. the NEW Suzuki Access...

(Also available in fugly).

Hafeez said...

I get the feeling we're going to see a lot of these on the roads

dilip said...

I congragulate you for your launch of Access 125.I have few advices for you:
1.You have provided ordinary tubes & tyres.
2.You have not given a stepny.
3.In case of punture during night the owner/rider find it difficult to take it reparied.
Either provide a stepny as a standard equipment from the company or provide tubeless tyres.Please do not make it as an accessory.Your reply is solicited.

Joey Reddy said...

What does Suzuki think of Indian Market, Are we Looking like some 18th century Crowd.....

It keeps on delivering all ugly models, look at the 4S bikes they have given us, .....TVS,BAJAJ has much sportier looking 2-wheelers that SUZUKI- which has enormous experience in automobiles...

access looks like a 1970 Vespa. Cmon Suzuki Guyz this is 2007!!!!

Bring out some sportier stuff... Why dont you send your Design team and Get some training from TVS/BAJAJ.

Joey reddy....

Anonymous said...


johnson said...

We are in 21th century but we
indians like like 18th century

Anonymous said...

The scooter looks pretty good. Now is the zamana of old looks

Anonymous said...

i like the sym flyte much better as compared with this access

Anonymous said...

I must say that suzuki access is the best gearless sccoter i have ever driven its got a pickup which
very scooters in india have and i wonder how people can pass commments even without driving it!!

purushothama said...

visakhapatnam,in andhra pradesh isnone of the fastest devoloping,where iam sad to see there is no show room of suzuki

Anonymous said...

Guys, i own a Access. It is damn good. Engine is more powerful with great torque but surprisingly more smooth than any other model when comapared to. Test drive it and u will feel the difference and definetly be impressed on its descent understated looks. It brings a retrofashion look again which actually every one likes. Moreover dont compare with TVS, Bajaj or Kinetic SYM as it is a family bike which takes load upto 250Kgs ease and this can't be achieved by above said scooterettes designed for young girls. Overall a sturdy scooter with more mileage.

Anonymous said...


sree said...

My new access 125 have got a knocking problem from engine and the service engineers has told me to change the cylinder kit. I have informed the sales engineers that sound while i have taken the delivery of the vehicle.
While running on road all my friends were asking about the complaint and i have to explain them in detail. This will affect your reputation over here. Not only that you company representative have to visit your ESSCO service station atleast twice a week. such a waste service center ihave not seen. please do the needful as early as possible. i dont have much time to waste behind this type of troubles. if u can pls exchange and give me a new vehicle.