Jun 19, 2007

Amaizing grace

Corn, originally uploaded by Caughtilya.

Yesterday, I was standing below the office and marvelling at just how dirty the CBZ X-Treme had managed to get in one short ride to the office. Then, like a sluggish 10x digital camera, my eyes zoned out and focussed on the thela that was passing by across the road.

Leaving a faint trail of charcoal smoke, the partially open, soaking wet, gunny bag on top was spilling out stalks and stalks of Corn. A warm feeling went through me as I could almost instantly recall the salty tang of coal-fired corn with a dash of lemon-red chilli-black salt masala. Oh, its that time of the year again already, is it? Lovely. Can't wait to sink my teeth into a the soft sweetness of a just-short-of-ripe corn while the masala digs in... ooh... I'm hungry now


Arpan said...

stick to the desi variety..the american corn thing wont get you that taste!
Corn@Juhu beach (not the main one..the road which goes down from ISKCON temple that one) is bliss

Nyctophobia said...

First up, amaizing colours in that pic!!!

Now here's an interesting thought. The place where i work recently added one of those corn counters (boiled corn with assorted flavours) to the canteen. I tried out all the flavours. there's something essentially missing when u compare the two, corn on the cob and corn in a cup...

my favourite place to grab them corns is either at marine drive or by a beach, salty air and the waves just adds to the flavour. however, more than the site, its the unique smell that triggers the craving!!!

rearset said...

Of course, goes without saying. My favourite is the white coloured Indian one (cheaper and tastier) but way way before it become ripe.

Another neat trick is to buy the above variety and stick in the microwave. Don't peel it and wet the outer leaves with water. Spin for 2 min or so, and then peel off and it's just absolutely amazing.

Butter, pepper (freshly ground) and salt make an amazing garnish.

Yes, yes, beach and corn are just the perfect thing. I don't know why either, but you hit it on the head. Corn in a cup sucks.