Jun 27, 2007

Bajaj: Why is it distinctly ahead?

Bajaj released the following note that details their future vision, at least the philosophical, or vision-ary constructs on which the product lines or business strategies will be built. As is usual, the full text is below

Bajaj Announces “Distinctly Ahead” Future Vision
  • Presents the New Distinctly Ahead Hamara Bajaj Commercial
  • Launches the Distinctly Ahead 220 Pulsar DTS-Fi
  • Inaugurates the Distinctly Ahead Probiking Showroom in Delhi

June 25, Mumbai: Bajaj Auto today, in the presence of its Managing Director, Mr. Rajiv Bajaj, announced its guiding philosophy articulated as “Distinctly Ahead”, by which it would chart its strategy for the future. This vision aims to align the company and all key stakeholders with a clear, purposeful, and unifying direction.

The vision is about being Ahead by being Distinctive. Being “Distinct” in all that the company does - in products and technology, in marketing and communication strategy, in manufacturing models, in distribution and to that extent in each and every function.

Distinctly Ahead comprises of three core values Speed, Innovation and Perfection:

A. Speed
To individualize is to speed. The key to Speed is empowerment. We empower individuals to enable them to unleash their full potential because in the end analysis an organizations capability is directly proportional to the capability of its employees. In a fast changing world, we believe, achieving Speed through empowerment is key to being Distinctly Ahead.

B. Innovation
To un-compromise is to innovate. Innovation is the second pillar of Distinctly Ahead. Today the consumer has to often make compromises, for instance for a motorcycle, either he gets power or he gets mileage or has to compromise between road comfort and road handling. Through Innovation, we eliminate the compromises – he gets the best of both.

To predictivise is to perfect. To achieve Perfection we have moved beyond merely a corrective style or even a preventive one that prevents the repetition of known failures, to predicting the likelihood of unknown ones. As such, Perfection for us goes beyond addressing known failures to eliminating them before they can occur.

Preemption through Insight rather than prevention enables us to deliver Perfection in every aspect of our business.

Mr. Rajiv Bajaj emphasized, ”We believe it is not good enough to be better, it is important to be distinct. That is a filter that we apply to everything we do – be it product development, manufacturing processes or communication development. Our flagship brand Pulsar is the strongest evidence of this philosophy. It is only a differentiated offering that customers see value in and aspire for.”

Communication of Distinctly Ahead
The “Distinctly Ahead” vision is communicated through the all new “Hamara Bajaj” commercial. A break from the past, the communication is fast paced and aggressive and symbolizes all that Bajaj Auto stands for today. With one 220 Pulsar DTS-Fi’s morphing into many other Pulsar 220’s and racing against each other, the visualization and lyrics - “Alag Andaaz, Alag hai khoj, Rakhe Aage, Hamari soch” - clearly conveys that Bajaj sets its own standards and competes only with itself.

Conceptualized by Mr. R. Balki, National Creative Director, Lowe this memorable commercial goes on air on the 27thJune 2007.

The demonstration of the “Distinctly Ahead” ethos of the company was also seen through two unique initiatives today i.e. the inauguration of the Probiking showroom and the launch of the series Pulsar DTS-Fi.

Earlier in the Day, Mr. Rajiv Bajaj, Managing Director inaugurated the seventh Probiking showroom at Vasant Lok New Delhi. With Probiking showrooms at Pune, Vashi-Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Kolkatta and Chennai the company plans to have 55 probiking outlets in key markets across the country.

Mr. Amit Nandi, General Manager (Marketing), conveyed, ”Probiking is a unique initiative that creates the experience of biking within a retail format. Engine cut-sections, dynamometers and the overall layout are all designed to let the biker touch, feel, experience the technology and performance of our flagship products. In the process we hope to carve out a special place in his heart.”

The entire process of buying is state-of-the-art. Interactive computer terminals provide hassle free, self-service transactions wherein the Probiker can print quotations, book test rides and order the bike. The showroom offers prospective “Probikers” a chance to test-ride the bikes on specially designed Dynamometers. Riders will be able to put the bike through ultimate driving conditions and check out parameters such as acceleration time, power, torque, top speed etc, which is not possible on a normal road test. This new “Distinctly Ahead” Probiking showroom will retail the 200 Pulsar DTS-i, the Avenger and the just launched 220 Pulsar DTS-Fi.

Pulsar DTS-Fi

The New 220 Pulsar DTS-Fi is another outstanding demonstration of the “Distinctly Ahead” vision of the company. In his speech Mr. Amit Nandi emphasized, ”A point to be noted is that never has Fuel Injection been married with DTS-i technology whether in India or abroad. This remarkable technological break-through, christened DTS-Fi (Digital Twin Spark – Fuel injection) is something, which Bajaj Auto R & D can be justifiably very proud of.”

This best in Class bike comes with several firsts to its credit - First four stroke engine in the world employing DTS-Fi technology, First in India to use clip-on handlebars, First to employ 'black mask' twin headlamps in a vertical stack configuration, First to employ a hydraulically actuated 230 mm rear disc brake to enhance braking performance and control. These and many other firsts give the Probikers a humdinger of a bike unmatched in technology, features and performance by any other by far.
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Bunny Punia said...

Distinctly ahead? or they going too fast?
first the FI issues with p220, then the barrels of the p200 and now they are recallin the kristal... Are they doing proper testing n all of their products before launchin the same ?