Jun 7, 2007

Shattered: great, sobering video at YouTube

While I'd love to, I cannot embed this vid. So click here and watch this.

And a thousand apologies to Old Guy's Place, the blog where I came across
the link to this great video. I did not credit that blog, and that's my bad.
Here's a link to the blog and here's one to the post


Praveen T said...

Wow! That is indeed chilling.

Nigel Faria said...


I've been feeling it over the past fortnight, I've been riding more rashly and taking more risks.
Its strange that even though I can realize it, it requires an external input of sorts to bring me back down, to riding safely. Usually its a near miss or an Oh! Fuck moment that causes me to reset.

Thanks Again.
You've just saved me from one such moment and its associated risk.

rearset said...

You are welcome Nigel. Anything I can do to help fellow motorcyclists...

rearset said...

I'm not going to publish your comment in which you said

Anything I can do to help fellow motorcyclists indeed.

So much for your posts on plagiarism...you took the 'Shattered' video from the Oldguy.us website, but you didnt stop there, you lifted the text 'as is' as well!

Chee chee, shame shame puppy shame!

Takes away some of the high esteem I hold you in. You didn't give the poor 'oldguy' any credit either...

I'd love to see what you do to correct this trend. What has made your blog endearing is the originality, which unfortunately is heavily diluted now...


No malice was intended, it was an oversight. Thank you for pointing that out. I've fixed it as best as I can after the fact. My apologies to all grieved parties.

Anonymous said...

ok, you're forgiven!

Sorry I got a little carried away myself...