Jun 18, 2007

Hyosung MS3: Coming to India?

Hyosung MS3 Scooter
This is a press release from the UK. Now, you might wonder what it is doing here, but there's (as usual) a good reason. But, first read it... My comments are below the release


Hyosung, the fast-expanding range of motorcycles from South Korea, now includes two ‘luxury’ scooter models with a choice of 125cc and 250cc engines. The new Hyosung MS3-125 is £2,149 and the MS3-250 is £2,649 on the road, and reach dealerships this month.

Designed to appeal not only to town and city commuters, but also to those who want to escape at weekends, both Hyosung MS3 scooters offer sleek and aerodynamic contemporary styling with plenty of practical touches. They have low emissions (Euro-3 compliant), ample power and are easy to ride and handle.

The single cylinder 124cc and 249cc engines both use double overhead camshafts and four valves with water cooling. An electric starter and automatic transmission make for easy riding, while twin front and single rear discs ensure plenty of stopping power. A nine litre fuel tank provides a very good range between fill-ups and a low 700mm seat height and plush seating will comfortably accommodate most riders.

The car-like instruments include analogue speedometer and tachometer dials, LCD odometer, trip meter and clock plus warning lights. Twin halogen headlamps and large LED tail and indicator lights ensure high visibility. A tinted screen offers good wind and weather protection.

Distributed by long-established E. P. Barrus Limited, the company has considerable scooter experience and also markets the PGO and Generic ranges of scooters in the UK. Matthew Gilder, general manager of the Barrus Vehicle Division explains:

“The arrival of the MS3 models takes Hyosung into the scooter market for the first time – a sector that has grown by over 16 per cent in the first quarter of this year. Hyosung is gaining an excellent reputation for quality and reliability – as well as value – and the MS3 broadens the brand’s appeal still further.”

Hyosung motorcycles combine outstanding value for money with advanced technologies and contemporary styling. Every model has a full two year warranty and one year’s roadside assistance.

There are now 16 models in the Hyosung range from 125cc to 650cc, including cruisers, sports and commuter bikes, scooters and a road-legal quad. Prices range from £1,949 to £4,999.

The Hyosung range is available at 74 dealers around the country and on-line at www.hyosung.co.uk.

Additional technical information
Wheels and tyres: 120/70-13 53S (front) and 140/60-14 64S (rear)
L x W x H: 2,126 x 766 x 1,375mm
Wheelbase: 1,451mm
Ground clearance: 125mm
Dry weight: 165kg (250cc) and 160kg (125cc)
Hyosung MS3 ScooterOkay, Hyosung is a technology partner to Kinetic. So is Sym and so is Italjet (in a sense). So far, Kinetic has done some motorcycle business with Hyosung, purchased seven models from Italjet (lock, stock and proverbial barrel included) and is about to launch the first of the Sym scooters. But so far, Hyosung never had a scooter line, so there was no conflict.

And now they do. The MS3s kick off a new business line, that I'm sure Hyosung would like to push into whichever market they can. Can they ignore India, where gearless scooters (as our manufacturers like to call them) are gaining in sales volume with a vengeance? How will Kinetic handle a third line of scooters? Or if they don't want the MS3, how will they deal with Hyosung? Ooh... this is going to be interesting.

On the other hand, these are fairly hi-po engines. Look at the spec – dohc, four-valves, liquid cooling, all-disc braking... maybe I'm just making too much of this whole thing.

Images & Text courtesy: Hyosung UK


Anonymous said...

interesting. sym, italjet, hyosung are all amazing coups that kinetic has pulled off, maybe against odds. I remember that The General Public has been writing Kinetic off ever since they broke up with Honda, ten yrs ago. And they are struggling but they've put up a much better fight than was predicted. I do wish Kinetic and Ms Sulajja all the best and think that this company can do wonders for the country's boring 2wheeler scene, if given a proper chance.

And then there's the cagiva thing too.

road-yo said...

Kinetic's gonna get what one gets when one is in bed with too many people at the same time. As for Miss Sulajja, I've expressed my views before.

Anonymous said...

What about the Kinetic Jupiter ??, foe those unaware of it- this is the 250cc gearless italijet that is due for launch this year. It also was featured in the xbhp road trip last year.

Nyctophobia said...

with kinetic getting so many new 'products', will any new ones be launched? they launched the blaze and another one of the italjets were supposed to be next... and just when the 'deadline' approached, the sym deal happened (ok not sure abt the 'dates and events') and the launch went into oblivion. now around sym time, there this new cagiva deal...

it seems to me that the boss is hoarding all the goodies !!!