Jun 2, 2007

Pirates Of The Caribbean 3: I liked it a lot

Capt Caughtilya SparrowA sketch of Captain Caughtilya Sparrow, savvy?

I went and saw the film yesterday at the new PVR near Chandan Cinema. The theatre, I must say, is impressive, despite the foyer between the screens being kind of small. The seats are lovely (though they don't slide forward to recline) and the sound is good too.

Now to the movie. I think a few of you will be disappointed. While certainly not low on story or content, the third part seems more graphicky than the first two and also happens to be a whopping three hour long epic. And not all of it is piracy on the high seas. The third part has a few boring bits, like the Sparrow clones and some slow, but not uninteresting parts.

Overall though, the spirit of the first two film lives on in full colour, and Pirates fans shall not return unsatiated.

Of course, the highlight of the film, standing head, shoulders and all above all, is Johnny Depp as the delightfully clumsy, self-assured Captain Jack Sparrow. He's still one of the most colourful colours to have graced the screen and he easily outperforms the superb acting on the part of Captain Barbossa, Liz Swann and the slightly pansy, but brave Will Turner Jr. The other highlight for me, is the superb, utterly menacing, almost nightmarish Flying Dutchman. Awesome, awesome looking ship.

Watch out for two sequences that I really loved. The first is the time when Sparrow and Barbossa saunter over to the rotting carcass of the Kraken. And the other, and this one had my hair standing, is when the Black Pearl surfs down the dune and into the sea...

The graphic is my handiwork, but the Jack Sparrow sketch is originally from here


Hrishi said...

Artwork's nicely done. Must hv taken a lot of time...

rearset said...

Not actually. It would have looked a heck a of a lot more real if I'd taken the time (or had the patience) to sit and do it properly. That was just a hash job that turned out nicely, I think... but thanks!