Jun 27, 2007

Superbikes in India: a superb how-to

Here's a good, comprehensive post about buying big bikes in India. From team-bhp. Here's an excerpt

While you can buy a Ferrari F430, Porsche 911 Turbo and even a 4 crore rupee Rolls Royce Phantom off-the-shelf in India, the same simplicity does not apply to a superbike purchase. For some unfathomable reasons, the bike industry has not kept up with its automotive counterparts and the Yamahas and Hondas of the world seem content with selling 100cc economy motorcycles. For the enthusiast, however, this is hardly a deterrent as several grey market options are available. The options also come with their own disadvantages as the grey market is full of uncertainty and disorganization. While superbikes attract an import duty (customs) of 100 (used) or 105% (new), the market is very unpredictable. A correct and well-informed approach will go a long way in ensuring peace-of-mind with your superbike purchase.

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Anonymous said...

what ever bike u purchase..everything depends on how well its maintained…i purchased a pulsar 220..it was good..initially..but after each service its perfomace came down…mailage went down..pick went down…all this is due to bad quality service provided by bajajs service partners…they just dont care…you know what after my second free service..THEY RETURNED BIKE WITHOUT POURING ENGINE OIL… without this knowledge i drove the bike…for around 20 kms…later i noticed..dash board inticator…and bike perfomance…but to my surprise.this is not a uniqyue case….i came to know from others the same incident happened with themm..tooo…. also one poor guy with an avenbger..one day approched them compainting that engine burned off while riding..they charged them heavily like 9000+ for piston repairing…i think these guys are purposefully doing this for generating revenue…this incident happened with the people who purchased pulsar or avanger from sri vinayaka mobikes..located @ hyderabad > secundrabad > tharbund signal… dudes so if you happened to be a customer of these people..then watch out for trouble… others keep away from them…