Jun 14, 2007

Formula One: Ready for the 2009 Indian GP?

Reuters is reporting that India has been awarded a F1 date for 2009. While the announcement has not come from Bernie Ecclestone, Suresh Kalmadi has announced this, according to the report. Read the details here. Earlier, media reports had said that Vijay Mallya was aiming to host a Monaco-style road race around the Delhi in 2009, with intention of the 2009 event being an exhibition, with a more formal, competitive event coming later. It seems, now, however, that not only are we going to get a full-spec F1 track, we are effectively going to see a fifty per cent growth in the number of race tracks in India. From two to three. However, jokes aside, this one will not be in a handkerchief sized lot somewhere in South India.

Here's my question, what will it be called, this track near Delhi:

  1. Indian-polis Motor Speedway

  2. Rajiv/Indira Gandhi International Raceway and Automotive Amusement Park

  3. Indian Olympic Committee International Racetrack

  4. Your suggestions are also welcome, friends...


Hrishi said...

If it is in Maharashtra, it has to be
Chhatrapati Shivaji Gati Mohotsav


Praveen T said...

Are we talking about same IOA that once talked about hosting olympics and backed out because govt. wouldn't pay for it?

Hosting F1 is no small matter. Unless, some really big big sponsorships pour in I do not see it happening with Govt. support (Reds are in Delhi).

Anonymous said...

I forsee ...

F1 cars are going to be equipped with horns and bumpers.

The safety car to be replaced by a HeroHonda Splendor

The brolly dollys will have be sporting designer saris.

DoorDarshan will have exclusive rights to the event which will be telecast live using one camera next to the saluting dias.

Bollywood Star Saarhookcan will dance on each of the cars following the parade lap

Traffice is disrupted as Supporters of a prominent party demonstrate to denounce the wanton promotion of formula which is the chief cause of infant mortality in the Philipines.

Lotus is not allowed to participate as it is the registered symbol of a major political party.

Special traffic lights are being installed to ensure orderly flow of traffic.

MCD has been advised to postpone digging of roads for 3 days before race day.

Arpan said...

IOA?? what does IOA know about motorsports? IMHO vijay mallya must be given the opportunity..or let there be competitive bidding,Tata would be interested too probably..IOA is a lethargic over-eating elephant which wont be able to move in time..

nJ said...

F1 was hot wid da politicians a few years ago. if naidu had won in the last assembly elections of Andhra Pradesh, an F1 track would have been in the completion stages by now.heck it dint happen. bernie was behind naidu and naidu was also very positive about bringing F1 to hyderabad. but da great great YSR doesnt want it. as soon as he won da elections, YSR scrapped this idea of an F1 track saying its useless. now da same congress govt wants an F1 track. ha ha ha.... i think its all because of vijay mallya.

He gave a grand party to all the fellas involved in Formula1 on the eve of monaco grandprix. no wonder he is behind da indian plans.i think he is lobbying hard now, having realised the kind of money that Formula1 would get him.

n ya...talking abt da name of da track(if it is ever built!!!)...i have no doubt it is going to be some sorta rajiv/sonia/indira or may b rahul (nextgen!!!!) international blah blah......hahaha...u c...da present international airport being constructed in hyderabad is named after RajivGandhi. the new cricket stadium of hyderabad, which was named after da sponsorors, was renamed to rajiv or indira. so, theres no need to think abt it guyz. da name is decided before the thing being named is decided!!!!!

Nyctophobia said...

well... hrishi said it first, but i'll say it anyways...

It has to be named after shivaji!!! oh wait... its in delhi... maybe they can name it babudom race track?

@ praveen
the left will not be a problem... i'm guessing they will be backing the ferrari team...

Navendu said...

If its coming up in Delhi. My vote for choice #2.

Hope the F1 track, if its build, don't meet the fate of the sports city build on the outskirts of Pune.

Anonymous said...

F1 in Delhi would mean podium finish for Minardi and Jordan. Afterall, we do plan to reserve seats for OBC (other backward cars) in all competitions. :)

arnab menace said...

I do not understand whether the F1 will be held on the streets of Delhi or at a newly built F1 stadium.

If it is held on the streets then will the cows stop the races in between for the safety cars to come in ? hahahahaa