Jun 15, 2007

Milestone 500

500 posts!When I started writing this blog in January/February 2006, I hadn't imagined that I would get this addicted to it. I hadn't imagined that keeping the >May(15) count in the sidebar ahead of the date on the calendar would become such a compulsion. I had not imagined that I would be gusting up to three posts daily. It's been quite a trip. And I don't think it's anywhere close to the end yet.

But that pales in front of the fact that all of you turn up without fail, to read my pithy phrases. That is just amazing. I'm a fairly sparing user of the cellular phone. But since I started writing this blog, my Rs 499 monthly GPRS connection has been stressed. Anytime I am away from my usual computer, I find myself flipping open my Sony w300i, logging into Google and eagerly wondering what you've said about the post since I last checked the mailbox. So as I write my 500th post, I promise you more readable content that won't bore you (much). In return I ask that you write me more comments/mails and let me know your thoughts.

I would also like to thank the blog regulars for coming back so often. That's you (in no particular order at all), Anonymous, Hrishi, Praveen T, nj, Nyctophobia, firstsynn, THE BATFAN, TheSlayer, Arpan, GR, Vibhu, Navendu, Yugesh, sunspot, sac, Sameer, OkayBye!, --xh--, hafeexius (you haven't written lately... all ok?), madhukar, Nigel Faria, Aditya Bhelke, Sriku, Nikhil, Utpal Das, Alden S, Sankoobaba, Srikeerthi, Glifford, Julian Paul, Hitanshu Gandhi, Neo, Maltesh Ashrit, Satadal Payeng, Sandeep Murali, powerslave, rohan rao, mrajshekhar, kautilya, archeriostichaos, Ravi Kumar, Yogesh Sarkar, Satyen Poojari, Rado, niji, Srikant-da 1 and only, unni, khini, Revhard, Shamik Banerjee, Prathap S, tburman, Sneh, Suhaas, Sandeep, SPROTOR, Abhishek Tyagi, Nikhil, Lakshmi Prasad, road-yo... oh god, how many of you are out there? I am grateful that all of you choose to spend your time at the blog. Wow, I'm snowed.


Can't believe it.

Anyway, what I really started out to say, is write more, say more. And thanks a million.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your 500th!

Your blog, given my unabashed partiality to motorcycles is firmly among my daily reads. I wait for a new post and find myself visiting a few times a day to check for updates. It is so much a part of my daily routine that I have gotten a little too caustic with you at times.

Besides motorcycles, your posts are interesting nonetheless, be it a real life experience; a restaurant review or whatever.

Yeah, too much of YouTube and the like can be a pain sometimes, since I have to wait for the d@mn thing to load (no thanks to BSNL and the much touted 2mbps connection that isn't happening). Once it loads though, its usually worth it. (Morning Fall deserves special mention).

Keep at that keyboard and digicam, while giving your wrists ample twisting exercise!


theslayer said...


I have this really wide grin on my face and I'm unable to explain to my grandmother who's asking me WHY? Whoa. How do i explain to her a particular person's passion for everything on two wheels, his blog, his 500th post, his thoughtfulness to mention the names of us undeserving free mongers who get so much info for free ( hey..advertising pays right? :p) and the journey which all of us readers have been through?

Hehe...thanks for putting the grin on my face! Thank you sir!

nJ said...

Congratulations RearSet!!!!

U donot need to thank us, well, i dunno abt others, but u donot need to thank me. coz i read ur blogs for getting lots of info regarding our automobile industry and otherwise also, ur blogs are too good to read and the way u express ur feelings is kewl. Infact, I should thank you for having shared lot of information and sometimes reading ur blog made me feel good :D .

And having done 500 posts, u r now famous!!! ya famous among most of da bikers of India. Even then, u r wat u r. Nice of u for having remembered all the bloggers who comment ur posts. Thank you!!

Hope you go on n on n on........ALL DA BEST.

Aaaandddd.....thanks a lot for the post on wat u carry when u ride in da rains. no time right now, havta dig-into all those links soon.

PS: N on this occasion, can you please temme who u are. may b a breif profile of wat u do for living etcetera. :D :D :D :D


InTeGeR said...

Am a very new reader of your blog and got to know of it through Google when looking for buying a bike and with tips on riding (Am a new driver).

I read your posts through RSS [Google Reader] and your pace is quite amazing. Here's to another 500!

Sankoobaba said...

congratulations for the achievement~~~~!!
keep it up...
vrrom vrooom vroooooom!!

Satyen Poojary said...

lolz you didnt mention that you pay me to read your blog ;)

Man... just one word... brilliant!
Ok I admit that i am a net addict, but take this as a compliment that right now i am enjoying my vacation @ Sikkim, but yet i logged on to check on somefew 'vital' key websites :)

Cheers! and keep bloggin!

Madhukar said...

Congrats Bro,

I think, it's us, who should thank you, for providing quality infotainment. Just keep posting.


Praveen T said...

Congrats! You post really interesting content that makes it a good read.

As, a complement to your blog go to -> http://www.cramster.in/contact.php and check out Motorcycle/Touring Links Section. So, BELIEVE IT!!

Anonymous said...

I know who you are. Needless to say, your identity is safe with me.

As you can see, I'm rather punctilious about my own identity being an 'anon'!

And yeah, I don't expect this post to be published, just like my response to Nav/Yugesh on the fugly RE 500 wasn't. (I just had to say that!)


Anonymous said...

congrats on the 500, old boy.
great show. take care. pippip. and all that sort of thing.

OkayBye! said...

Congratulations saaar!! Keep it going... Let me know when you're in Pune next, and we'll catch up for a beer or three...


first_synn said...

Congrats, and thank you, for the 500 and the name dropping respectively. Thanks also for the posts dedicated to my artwork. :)

Well, I am no anon, I do know your Identity, but that's besides the point. Because to me, it doesn't change anything even if you are charles manson under a pseudonym, as this is simply the best blog out there as far as Indian motorcycling is concerned.


Rock on, and do listen to some Tesla. \M/

powerslave said...

Good stuff mate. :) Keep it coming. Do we see you moving to your own domain name soon?

road-yo said...

I was gonna write some things, but it turns out that theslayer wrote exactly what I wanted to!

You're welcome .... keep writing, man.

Srikeerthi said...

I don't usually make a long post. But in this case I'll make it a lil longer than usual ;-) . here...


500 has come up quite fast compared to the previous milestones and its a good sign no doubt.

My best wishes to the a great blog! May the 1000th post come sooner :)

PS: Nice to see you monitor and mention you regular visitors

Sneh said...

Get up at 730am & reach office at sharp 830. Login ur HP-UX machine.Open x-term window. type 'mozilla'. click on GMAIL quick link. Press Ctrl + Tab. Click on 'rearset' quick link.Go though it 2 times. Then pick your cell n call ur girl (Thank god, my girl doesnt read this blog).

This is the way, my day starts.I am shamelessly addicted to you man.

Thanks for making my mornings better.
All the best.

sunspot said...

Hey cool!

congrats from one 500 to another!

rearset said...

Thank you all of you. Hadn't realised that the blog, in addition, to being a fun (and serious) hobby came with this kind of responsibility. Won't let you guys down.

Thanks and keep reading!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your 500th.

Look forward to reading more posts.

- Yugesh

arun said...

Hi rearset actually you should have kept your blogname the frontset.

one of the best blogs i have every came across

all the best wish you complete many 5000 posts

Hitanshu said...

Congrats man.

Now that this figure has come and gone, what next? :D

Your viewpoints make for good fun reading at all times, and esp during tough days in office - very refreshing!

--xh-- said...

Congratz on ur 500, man. It is our pleasure to read ur blogs.
I have to admit that I am addicted to your blogs, but sadly, i am not able to check it everyday. I have to make that a habit soon :)
Way to go, mate. Keep the posts comming.

Hafeez said...

Congrats on 500 posts!

I havent posted recently, but rest assured that i visit this place every couple of seconds :P

and just like the other guys mentioned, i have a big grin plastered on my face too!

and i hope your 1000th post comes in double quick time!

And oh yes...I'm hopelessly addicted to your blog! I only wish you posted on weekends too. I keep refreshing your page throughout the 2 days hoping that a post will magically show up :P

keep posting bro!

Anonymous said...

also two 500s happened Saturday

got to ride a frnds "VOM500black" from the showroom to his workspot. Sadly had to leave the bike there :(

neways both ossum wonlee

lage raho.

and congrats :)

Nyctophobia said...

congrats!!! this is one of my 'must-read' blogs... actually, its the only blog i read.

thanks for all the helpful informations that you have shared! it has definitely help improve my bike riding : )